How to Enjoy Life

Most of us are stuck with boring jobs and uninspiring relationships and wish to get out of the rut. We all long to be happy and wish the world was a better place. Don’t just wish or waste any more time, simply read on to learn how to enjoy life and spread cheer to your near and dear too.

Think Positively
Life is not a bed of roses and we are not living in utopia. Therefore, there will be ups and downs in everybody’s life. Learn to stay calm and positive during troubling times and reassure yourself that this too shall pass. Do the best you can in that situation and leave the rest to the creator and his benevolence.

Stay Healthy
Health indeed is wealth. Take good care of yourself by eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly and walking the middle path between indulgence and asceticism. In today’s hectic times, mental stress is a common cause of psycho-somatic ailments. To combat stress, learn and practice relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation to stay in tip-top physical and mental shape. Remember that enjoying life does not mean overindulging in sense pleasures. Happiness has to come from within and not from any external source. So, enjoy your blessings but don’t hanker for more.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow
Don’t postpone enjoying life till you get a car, bungalow, attractive spouse or whatever maybe the goal you are striving for. That tomorrow will never come, because once we get what we want, our monkey mind will not rest happily, but will only hanker for something more. So, enjoy the present moment and do your best today. This will ensure you look back fondly on your yesterdays and have bright hopes for your tomorrows.

Learn to be Content
The very nature of our mind is such that it is seldom happy with we have but always yearns for something more. The fact of life is that sometimes rewards may not be commensurate with efforts. So, if you underachieve slightly or if your friend is faring better, don’t fret too much about it. Take pleasure and enjoy doing your best and take the rest as it comes. We can only focus on our effort as we do not have control over its results. So, as long as you ensure to put in your best your conscience will rest peacefully notwithstanding the results whatever they may be.

Don’t Take Anything Personally or Too Seriously
One of the best ways to remain equanimous and calm in any situation is to remain objective about our troubles and not take them too seriously either. In life, we are bound to experience situations and people who tax our patience and goodwill. Try not to take such experiences to heart and remember that though we cannot control what happens to us, we can still control how we respond to any situation. So, try to be content and happy whatever may befall. Read philosophical and spiritual books because in them you may find enlightening answers to life’s common problems. Ultimately, to enjoy life we need to count our many blessings, thank God for them and not be greedy for too much more.

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  1. Good blog, This 5 steps always useful our daily routine. Thanks for sharing.

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