Benefits of Working from Home

With the spread of technology, many companies now offer the option of working from home for their employees. While you may miss the human contact and office camaraderie, working from home has many benefits. Read on to learn about them and make a decision if this option works for you.

Benefits of Working from Home

Save Commuting Expenses
You don’t have to spend money on gas which is a great boon given its soaring price. Your car will also face less wear and tear, and you will be doing the planet a favor by reducing vehicular pollution. If you commute by public transport, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams that can tax your patience and make you late for the office.

More Quality Time with your Family
Office-goers spend a good part of the day outside their home, which means they get to spend much less time with their family. By working at home, you can watch your kids grow up and bond with your spouse too.

More Time for Hobbies
There is more to life than just running like a rat in the rat race along with all the others. Working at home can give you much more time to pursue your hobbies and interests. You can read enlightening philosophy, do yoga and meditation and listen to inspiring music whenever you feel like it.

Flexible Work Timings
You can work any time of the day or night and schedule your tasks as per your convenience. If you have to go out for some chore, you can schedule your work before or after the task. Likewise, if you want to watch something on TV. Thus, working from home gives unmatched flexibility and convenience of scheduling.

Eat Nutritious Home Food
You don’t have to go out for lunch and eat fast food. Instead, you can focus on eating healthy meals at home which will help you shed some extra pounds and improve your health.

No Stress
Traffic jams and road pollution can make commuting a nightmare and create stress. At the office, unsavory interpersonal relationships with your colleagues or boss can also wreak havoc on your peace of mind. Working from home, you can enjoy silence and solitude and eliminate stress from your life. Another advantage is you can avoid pesky colleagues who do their best to impose their views on you and that too in a loud voice.

More Time for Exercise
You will have more time to go to a gym or yoga class. Or, you can work out at home or do yoga poses watching a DVD. Most often, we do not get to choose our chairs and desks at the office. At home, you can invest in ergonomic furniture that can help you maintain good posture while sitting. You can also take more frequent breaks to stroll around with nobody looking over your shoulder all the time.

No Time Anxiety
You can work at your own pace, enjoy your work and get things done on time too. You can be flexible with your work schedule and space your work evenly to avoid stress and make work more enjoyable.

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