Benefits of Staying with Parents

The recession and high housing costs are forcing many adults to stay with their parents. While some people may call you a loser for doing this, you can safely ignore their barbs because there are many undeniable advantages of staying with parents. First, both you and your parents can benefit as you all can pitch in and share the household expenses. Read on to know more about the benefits of staying with parents.

More Savings
As mentioned earlier, staying with parents reduces the expenses of everybody involved. This means you can save more and buy your own home later on. Though you may not have the same privacy as living alone, still the cost benefits of staying with parents outweigh most of the other considerations.

Show Them You Care
Your parents were responsible for grooming and guiding you through infancy, childhood and the teenage years, and helped you bloom into a mature adult. Nows the time to pay them back. As your parents grow older, they may need your physical help to do household chores and daily tasks. Pitch in with your time and help and make their life easier. Besides, elderly parents may also need emotional reassurance and your comforting presence can make them happier and more content.

Sweet Home is Safer
Most of us who have shared an apartment with strangers know the risks involved. Your flatmate could steal your stuff and eat all your food too. Ego issues, jealousy and sheer pettymindedness can make flat-sharing a horrible experience. You can avoid all these by staying with your parents and enjoy their hospitality and the safety of your home. Besides, you can stay in a more comfortable place with your parents at a cheaper cost than sharing some dingy flat with some stranger.

Care During Illness
Another obvious benefit is you can count on your parents’ help and guidance if you fall sick and vice versa. Nothing can be more horrible than to deal alone with a sickening and weakening ailment. Your parents can drive you to and from the hospital, go out and buy your medicines, prepare your food and do all the other useful things that can ensure you enjoy complete bed rest without any hassles. Besides, just the company of a familiar figure can boost your morale and help you get healthy more quickly.

Better Food at Home
You can count on your mom to come up with delicious and nutritious dishes. If you were staying alone, you’d probably eat out most of the time and end up gorging junk food and other unhealthy foodstuff. Eating at home can ensure you save on food expenses and also relish good old home-made tasty foods and drinks.

There are many obvious advantages of staying with parents especially in these lean economic times. But, make sure that privacy is ensured for all of you, and be broadminded to deal graciously with the daily give and take situations that can arise from sharing a house. In the end, it is better to deal with the devil you know rather than shack up with some unknown entity.

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