The True Meaning of Facebook’s ‘In a Relationship!’

We are no strangers to the most popular social networking site – Facebook! It has become a constant habit to sneak peek into our friends wall status at least once in a day.

Well, here is a new finding which is certainly intriguing.

The feature of relationship status is now considered as a source of happiness (or sadness) for many romantic relationships sprucing up among young people. Read on to unravel more about the study findings.

“In a Relationship!” – About the Study
The recent study appeared in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. It was a survey of 58 heterosexual couples – mostly college-goers- who had been active on the dating scene for at least an average of 19 months.

In the study findings, it was revealed that partners almost tended to be alike when they used social media. Also, they were found to be similar on how much importance they gave to social media. Out of the 58 couples, 48 couples had the relationship status on Facebook as “in a relationship.”

Among 31 couples, both male and female partners displayed their date in the profile pictures. However, here is a surprising find – men were more likely to include the picture of their girlfriend in the profile pictures when compared to women.

The Gender Issue!
The recent study revealed a potentially threatening gender difference! Here is it – women indicating that they are “in a relationship” was not considered as important their partners when compared with how women felt about their partners that they are “in a relationship.”

Can you see where this is heading now?

“. . .men and women may place differential importance on certain public portrayals of the relationship,” wrote the study authors, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The Final Outcome!
Here are the revelations! It was found that couples do have differences or fights over their Facebook relationship status. This is most likely associated with feelings of “power, commitment and jealousy,” most importantly for females, noted the study’s authors.

More in-depth research is required to analyze social media’s growing importance in relationships so that happy and healthy relationships can be promoted, according to the study’s authors.

But here is a word of caution for all the guys who have a girlfriend: Man, never think that your Facebook page is not important or trivial! Otherwise, you can get into serious trouble! lol…. :)

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