The World’s Oldest Profession – Prostitution

Claiming the title as the world’s oldest profession, it is quite weird that it is still considered illegal and immoral in so many parts of the world. Concubines, mistresses, and lovers (both male and female) have been kept by those who can afford to meet their expenditure for time immemorial. It is therefore baffling that these people who seem to serve such a much needed service are shunned and both people and governments refuse to acknowledge them.

I am quite sure that some people out there will not agree to prostitution offering a service, but it does. The fact is nothing is supplied if there is no demand for it. And given the high supply of prostitutes, we can conclude that the demand must be equally as high. In fact, along with the drug business, prostitution is one of the most profitable money making businesses in the world today, yet it is not recognized. Therefore the proceeds can not be translated into development for the state.

In some states, prostitution is outright illegal such as Nigeria, Thailand, Russia, Jamaica, and Guyana. In others, the actual sex act and money exchange is not illegal but procuring acts are such as in Ethiopia, Israel, Italy, Canada, and Brazil. And then in others, it is legal and there are laws to regulate it just like any other business such as Senegal, Lebanon, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, Peru, and Venezuela.

Here are some interesting facts about the exchange of sex for money in societies around the world.

• In the USA, prostitution is only legal in some states such as Nevada.

• In Sweden, Iceland and Norway, it is a crime for one to pay for sex, so it is only the customer who is charged and not the prostitute.

• In Japan, the trade is illegal, but there is no penalty for the crime in the country’s laws.

• While most countries consider the trade illegal, nothing is done by way of enforcing the laws if they exist at all.

For those who are pushing to make the trade legal, here are some of the reasons they present:

• Prostitution has been going on for a long time and in most cases the actual prostitutes benefit the least. By making it legal, it can be regulated and the women can benefit from their work, as they can now report abuse and misconduct by both customers and bosses.

• It is no secret that most prostitution rings employ underage girls and boys. Once it is legal, the police can be able to fully interfere in their affairs as most will be forced to become more mainstream and public. But if the affair remains buried then, all these issues are not fully addressed. Also, if like any other business they are required to register their workers, it is likely to cut back on the human trafficking incidences.

• As long as the trade remains illegal, the government can not benefit from the profits it makes as it is not taxed. The money made from this multi million dollar business can be used to deal with issues that plague our society such as poverty and disease. Also if they can manage to make that much when in hiding, how much can they make if they can carry on their business openly?

However, there are others who are against the trade and insist that more should be done to root out this evil. Their main reason is that, the trade is immoral and degrading; it is considered pure evil and leads to the degradation of society’s morals. Theirs is an opinion based mostly on religious views and what the holy books say about the act. Among the spiritual, sexual transgressions are considered wrong and should be stamped out.

What is your own opinion of prostitution and how can the situation be made better, for the good of all concerned?

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