How to Listen to Your Mind

Peaceful meditator

Most of us are so busy with our daily material life that we forget to listen to our mind and nourish its needs. Every day, we have to perform tasks to show our responsibility towards our family, work and society. But, do we also allot enough time for overselves? We go to they gym to boost our physical health. But, do we also pay heed to our mental health? In this article, we reveal effective ways to listen to our mind and nourish it with positive inputs.

Meditation is the Answer
Most people turn to meditation only when they have personal problems. Today, even doctors recommend meditation to cure physical, mental and psychosomatic ailments. There are many reasons for people to take up meditation such as coping with emotional problems, wishing to learn more about themselves, desire for psychic powers, religious reasons etc. It does not matter what the reason is, as long as you meditate regularly.

Benefits of Meditation
You can use daily meditation as a therapy and medicine, or to increase brain activity and memory. It cultivates mental clarity which will enable you to see your mind and its functioning clearly. Regular meditation makes you more spiritual by developing qualities like compassion, kindness, peacefulness and joy.

Meditation at Work
It is not enough if we just meditate for a few minutes in the morning. The peaceful effect will wear off after some time and we will be at the mercy of our mind again sooner at later. Meditation is most beneficial when we apply it in daily life. The solution is working meditation, by which we learn to work with mindfulness and awareness and make the most of the present moment. Most often, our mind is lost in thoughts about the future or past, which creates stress. So, to be relaxed, we should work with full focus on the task at hand.

Transcend Both Likes and Dislikes
Most of us are not lucky enough to be doing the job that we love to do. But, we have to earn our daily bread and bring home the bacon for our family. The solution is to transcend both likes and dislikes. This will help us understand how important our work is and to perform it with full concentration.

Buddha at Work
In the workplace, we come across demanding and rude colleagues, bosses and customers. Do not get fazed by these situations. The key is not to take any insult or bad behavior personally or seriously. On the other hand, we should learn to look at unappreciative and critical people in a positive way as they can help us develop spiritual qualities like equanimity, compassion, tolerance and friendliness. In fact, it is better to practice spirituality in the real world, as it would help us learn how to face our emotions as well as others’ rudeness.

Mindfulness in Relationships
Most often, we look at other people through tinted glasses and imagine them to be an image of our own perception, rather than the real person they actually are. We should learn to be open and understanding of others. Meditation can help us communicate effectively and have friendly dialogues and not arguments. To succeed in creating good relationships, we should learn to listen, observe and understand others.

Meditation Increases Inner Capacity
A broad and open mind is welcome to different ideas and opinions. It is not prone to knee-jerk reactions. A spacious and deep mind can cope with any adverse situation. To develop such a spacious mind, practice meditation techniques like awareness of the present moment, watching our emotions and thoughts, and becoming aware of physical sensations by contemplating our body.

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