The School of Life

“The school of life is the best school! You see everything, get hardened to everything, nothing surprises you anymore not even a man’s most contradictory behavior.” Taken form the Beggar’s Strike (the novel) it perfectly describes those who have lived a full life with their own share of suffering and joy either directly or by proxy.

The school of life will teach you much more than you will ever be able to lean from a traditional instructional or class basis. The experiences one goes through and how to deal with them are not something you can learn from book and a teacher somewhere, this is much like adapting.

Life is full of ups and downs and while some people live a straight forward life where most things are at their fingertips, others less privileged have to struggle to attain even the most basic of necessities. It is not difficult to find a fifteen year old who is more mature than a 30 year old as maturity is only attained through experiences and how you appreciate them as opposed to age.

Those who move out of their comfort zones and explore cultures and people outside their own have a better appreciation for the differences that make each person unique and the similarities that makes us all human. Keeping an open mind ensures that you are willing to tolerate other people’s opinions and views that may be different from your own. Wide spread traveling can help with this, but staying in the same place from birth with little contact from the outside world makes you highly opinionated and not very flexible, you come to believe that yours is the divine truth.

Some people go through so much pain and still come out triumphant beating the odds while so many others remain at the bottom of the human ladder. Others live a privileged life only to have everything ripped away from them, some survive but many more never recover. And that is the beauty of life, nothing is certain and no situation lasts forever, all things change. Life and its lessons are engraved in our memories and to lose them is a terrible thing. And yet as we grow older our memories tend to fade and in extreme one may suffer from Alzheimer’s when one loses all memories including who they are and their own family.

In the school of life we learn many things and they determine who we are, who we become and how we will behave to achieve our destiny. Pay attention to what is happening around you, for it is most likely the forming blocks of you as an entity.

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