Tongue Pain

Like all other body parts, at some point your tongue will experience pain for some reason or another. Tongue pain can be a serious issue especially when you consider the purpose of the tongue. The tongue is used to help with chewing and swallowing food and also to talk when it comes to forming words, but if it is in pain or sore, then these activities can not go smoothly.

Sometimes with tongue pain, the tongue may develop bumps and swellings along with the pain. The pain may come as a result of a problem with the tongue itself or simply as a symptom of another problem elsewhere in the body. Here are some reasons that may be blamed for a painful tongue:

• Injury to the tongue either by cutting or biting with teeth that leaves behind a wound that causes the pain. The pain persists until the wound heals. With biting, there maybe some swelling in the area and this is usually at the outer edges of the tongue

• Post menopausal women tend to suffer from the burning tongue syndrome where they feel as though their tongue has been scalded.

• Canker sores which are as a result of mouth ulcers, whose cause is largely unknown. The sores tend to get worse when the sufferer is stressed. They are quite common and unless due to some other complication they will heal on their own and are not a major health issue.

• For smokers, the smoking of cigars, cigarettes, or a pipe may irritate the tongue and cause sores that will be painful. Some people will get sores as a result of allergic reaction to what they are smoking.

• Swollen papillae on the surface of the tongue which may be as a result of irritated taste buds. Swollen, they tend to form bumps that are painful on the tongue’s surface.

• If the sore and pain is not healed after two weeks, it is best to see a doctor to find out what is wrong as it may turn out to be oral cancer. In its early stages, this kind of cancer is not generally painful but it is still better to have a doctor to check out a never healing sore.

• In some cases, the pain in the tongue may be a symptom for another major disease such as anemia, diabetes, heavy metal poisoning, nutrition deficiency of vitamin B3, B12, C or riboflavin deficiency, leukemia, collagen vascular disease, and or scarlet fever.

• Allergic reactions to the food and or medication are also known to cause painful swollen bumps and sores on the tongue.

Diagnosis and Treatment
For the most part, unless it is oral cancer, most of the pain should dissipate within a few days up to a maximum of two weeks, then you may need to see a doctor for a professional opinion. For those with an underlying disease, once the disease is treated the pain should cease as well, same goes for allergic reactions and smoking.

As you can see, tongue pain is not something to worry about even though it is quite uncomfortable. In most cases, the sore will heal and the pain will go away without treatment and in cases of cold sores, cold medication should do the trick to get you better. Eating may be a problem for a day or two but it will get better.

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