Positive Potions

Power of Positiveness
With the arrival of New Year 2012, almost everyone made resolutions of all sorts. But as the days are passing by, most of these people will be breaking the resolutions. This is because they will not have enough will power to continue. Will power can be strengthened by being positive. Yes, a positive attitude towards life drives you to success in whatever you do. Not just for a success in goals, optimism is important for all-round success in whatever you do. In fact it is the key to living a life. Being optimistic is being alive in the true manner. Heres a list of actions you must take to be alive. So read on.

Operation Optimism
Make optimism a mission of your life by following the below mentioned suggestions.

  1. Think and Talk Right
  2. Thinking positively is the first step towards succeeding in goals. You will start only when you think you can do it. So think that ‘You can’! Even the words you use play an important role in making your future – good or bad. Your subconscious mind believes in whatever comes out of your mouth. So speak well.

  3. Be Proactive
  4. Think and act ahead by using your foresight. It will help you to avert any bad situations and also to plan well for the future. This way you will never get negative results.

  5. Exercise, Meditate, Practice Yoga or Simply Breathe
  6. You must have heard people saying that exercise is a ‘stress-buster’. It is in fact. Exercising will help by providing an outlet for negative energies to release, making you full of positive energy. Meditation and Yoga are similar activities that give you a balanced state of mind. Breathing is also an easy yet a powerful way to give yourself a boost. Try these tricks for a positive start.

  7. Beat Procrastination
  8. Act now. Do not postpone. This way, you will move forward in life at a faster rate. So you will experience a positive change at a faster rate. Thus, you will feel good about yourself.

  9. Take Responsibility
  10. There is always a way out. So do not keep blaming others for what has happened in your life. This will keep you in the negative zone. Step out of this zone by thinking yourself as the master and not a victim. When you do this, you will start finding ways to improve, creating a new life that you had always wanted to live.

  11. Exhibit Confidence
  12. Confidence is the key to good results. When people see confidence in you, they believe in your actions and plans, and may actually come forward to help you in getting your tasks done.

  13. Eat Right
  14. Though most people know the importance of a good diet for your heath, they do not know that a healthy diet is also vital for a healthy mind. So feed your mind well.

  15. Get inspired
  16. Reading inspirational sayings and stories will make it easy for you to take a step forward and actually win. Watching such movies will show the same effect. And yes, positive people around you are a great must-have. You will be motivated to act. Negativity is released.

  17. Visualize
  18. Subconscious mind works at a faster rate when you start visualizing your dreams. It gives it a head start. A clear picture of what you want to achieve must be present in your mind so that the mind believes that it is possible. Positive results will follow soon.

  19. Last but not the least… Smile :)
  20. There are many sayings that reveal the importance of smile. ‘A smile is the curve that makes everything straight’ is one of them. Smiling is easy and powerful as well. It makes you happy and the others too. You get positive vibrations. So smile because it takes only 17 muscles to smile. :)

    Dream big to achieve big, but be steady till you achieve!

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