Dress Code for a Night Out – Issues

It seems that night out fashion is the newest issue of contention as some people are complaining that there seems to be no difference between the ladies of the night and the young girls out on the town simply to have fun. It would seem that the attire donned by young ladies today as they go out to have fun has gotten skimpier and more revealing which has caused some concern among those in society who watch such happenings as these.

Not to imply that there is nothing wrong with the night out fashion in today’s modern cities, but whoever has taken it upon themselves to complain about it seems to have way too much time on their hands with nothing better to observe. Well, in an effort to understand this complaint, we shall examine the said dress code.

Today’s ‘night on the town’ dress code usually consists of a small and minimalistic outfit coupled with heels or fancy flats much like the hookers of days gone by hanging out on the streets waiting for customers. But these girls are not out looking for their next meal, they are just out to have fun and somehow society has made it okay for them to be seen in public in their underthings.

The current day trend of skimpy clothes mainly came about with the advent of feminism and the fight of rights and freedom. Women felt the need to express themselves as they pleased and progressively showed more skin as a way to rebel against what was considered infringement on their rights by forcing them to cover up. Soon the men began to appreciate this and it became the norm for people to dress so, especially in informal settings and definitely when going to spend a night out on the town.

The controversy
Someone out there performed a survey in which it was discovered that most young women were dressing like this not because they wanted to but because all their friends were doing it and it helped attract the men. Now as a feminist, it is quite clear that this has turned on us, starting out as a revolution, we now do it because the men like it. This means that we are no different from those who are forced to cover up simply because the men say so. We are all at the whims of the men in our societies whether you are half naked or covered from head to toe.

Identification of fault
For feminism to survive and prosper, it has to be based on an idea that can transverse situations and time as opposed to being based on a symbol. Feminism is about doing that which comes naturally to you as a female and not being subservient to any one’s whims. How you dress should be about you and no one else, when someone else controls any elements of your life, then you have lost it. True power comes from being comfortable in yourself and doing what you deem right, if you do anything that you are not okay with just because someone else wants it so, then you have a serious problem as is the case in this situation.

Night out fashion is clearly no longer about feminism but rather more like feminism come back to bite us. You can see why someone may have a problem with it given that some of the girls are all but naked when they step out. The best you can do is to empower those young women around you and make certain that they are strong enough to make their own decisions and will not be dragged down by peer pressure or the search for a potential mate.

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