Flush Properly to Avoid Deadly Bacteria Infection

Toilet bowl

The mundane task of using the toilet and flushing it can become deadly, reveals a recent news report by ABC News. The report states about the dangers of the C. difficile bacteria in hospital and home bathrooms that do not have toilet seat covers. This highlights the importance of proper flushing techniques that should be learnt to avoid bacterial infection.

Contaminated Bathrooms
The report reveals that bacteria were found in the restroom air even 90 minutes after flushing the toilet. This danger is exacerbated if the toilet bowl does not have a lid. As a result, considerable contamination was found in household and public bathrooms.

Close the Toilet Lid Before Flushing
To minimize the risk of spreading the deadly bacteria in the atmosphere, it is imperative to close the toilet bowl lid before flushing. If this is not done, bacteria can contaminate personal hygiene items kept in the bathroom. Flushing a toilet bowl with the lid open can spray contaminated water all across the bathroom. This contaminates surfaces and items like toothbrushes with tiny fecal particles which could spread the C.difficile bacteria.

Deadly C. Difficile Bacteria
This bacteria is deadly because it can cause severe diarrhea and colon inflammation, which could even prove fatal. Patients infected by this bacteria end up spending about six days in the hospital for treatment and recovery. All this can be avoided by simply implementing proper toilet flushing practices.

Health Statistics
Health surveys reveal that more than 300,000 Americans are affected by CDAD (C. difficile diseases) every year and greater than 3,000 people succumb directly to them. More than 26,600 other deaths also happen because CDAD is a contributing factor. The worrying aspect is that C. difficile infections are increasing each year and show no signs of abating.

The Solution
As advised earlier, it is important to close the bowl lid before flushing. Then, wash your hands clean with water and soap. You should also regularly clean all the bathroom surfaces with disinfectants. You can also cleanse the bathroom air by using disinfectant aerosol spray.

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