Top Trends in 2012

At the end of each year, it is important to look back and identify the most significant events that occurred in that year so that it will enable you to predict trends that will shape the New Year ahead.

As far as 2011 is concerned, it was a big year for technology, fashion, economy and for many other areas. 2012 is also expected to be the same with many new ideas coming up, which would change the world for good, hopefully.

Predictions to Ponder

What will you be doing, eating, wearing, seeing, and using in 2012? A lot has to be taken into account before giving an answer for this question. Nobody could ever precisely predict what will happen in the future. Though the approach is not scientific, it is exciting to try. So here are a few predictions that you can expect to experience in the coming 12 months – after you have read them, let us know your opinion.

One thing is clear that many countries will be focusing on rebuilding their nations. This is because of the many events – natural and man-made – that took place throughout the world, from the Japanese tsunami and earthquake to the London riots, to the Occupy protests and the government-changing Arab Spring revolts.

As the future of the Euro is hanging in the balance, the Eurozone is under serious financial pressure. As such, the governments are concerned about their country’s expenditures. Euro’s fate will be uncertain in this year too, causing worry to people.

Alongwith the politicians, the people too are concerned about their expenses and savings. Therefore, there may be a shift from huge spending to furtive living. People may turn to their unique skills or learn new ones like sewing, baking, crafting etc. in order to earn some quick cash.

As the digital world is continuing to grow, more apps, gadgets, technologies, products and sites will spring up. But yes, we will also see people returning to the analogue style of life, by buying film cameras instead of the DSLRs.

There are chances of more integration between social media and television, so you can expect the show’s hashtag to be displayed at the beginning of every TV show.

There will be more natural ads than the photoshopped ones.

Ethical fashion will be on the radar than ever before. So you will see celebrities and even common people wearing fake leather instead of real leather or furs.

As more and more vintage shops are opening around , there will be a fashion of wearing a vintage piece with high street – the new haute couture!

Wet-look hair is out, sleek and glistening hair is in. Lazy hair-washers may love this look.

Tablets and Ipads will replace laptops. With more and more magazines bringing out interactive versions of their pages that are far better than the printed copies, you can expect a rise in the ‘tablet-only’ features on newspapers, magazines and websites.

You have already seen the voice control on the Microsoft Kinect and iPhone with the Apple’s Siri, so expect to see better features in 2012 – voice control radios, TVs, websites…

Smart TVs will become even more popular – this way you can experience the internet TV, Blu-Ray players, new game consoles, and other devices that will totally enhance your television-watching experience in this year.

Small sized, high quality compact digital cameras featured with more and more extras will be released.

Not much change will be seen on the economic front, but there will be a little bit fall in unemployment. Though not a dramatic fall, but there will be an increase in the number of people at work.

Rents of houses will fall as the governments will change the rent supplement.

Alcohol free events will be common. People will get inspired from this popular initiative

You can also anticipate more DIY labels to spring up in the year ahead.

Vegan and Paleo – the two food trends that are huge in Australia and USA are making their way around the world. Paleo diets emphasise a grain-free meal that is heavy on the meat. Vegan diets emphasise plant based meals and avoid all animal-based products.

Wrap Up

These were some of the trends that we think will mark 2012, but remember that anything unknown can happen that could change the course of everyone’s lives. So be smart and have a Happy New Year 2012!

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  1. Anything unknown..can happen lets be prepared with hands in prayer amen!

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