The Evil that is Child Sexual Abuse

As one of the forms of child abuse, child sexual abuse is possibly one of the more damaging forms of abuse as the consequences are far reaching and tend to span a lifetime of one’s existence. People sexually abused as children rarely ever turn into well adjusted human beings and never truly heal. They may move on but certain aspects of their behavior are still affected by this painful experience much like all our experiences as children determine how we turn out as adults.

Child sexual abuse includes anything and everything that exposes a child to sexual matter actually or virtually. This includes acts such as sex with a minor, using them in pornographic productions, making a child watch sexual material, touching the children in a sexual way and anything else that is even remotely sexual including modern day advertising, though this will not attract a charge.

With the exception of children kidnapped and molested by their captors, most children are abused by people they already know. These people include family members (either from the nuclear and or extended family members), neighbors and friends to the family. For those who would never dream of hurting even the hairs on their children’s heads, it is difficult to fathom how a parent can sexually engage with their own child.

But that is the world we live in, majority of these offenders being male which has put in question the general sanity of the male psyche when it comes to sex. While a 15 year old girl may willingly have sex with a 20 year old man, it is quite difficult to understand how a fully grown man or even teenage boy would want to have sexual intercourse with a 3 month old baby or even a toddler. Unlike the teenager, a toddler has no understanding of sex and they can not even remotely want to engage in the activity, so it begs understanding as what drives such predatory behavior.

Consequences or effects of this kind of abuse
Childhood sexual abuse has both immediate physical and emotional problems as well as long term complications which are usually psychological in nature. Some people are able to overcome some of the problems but others will suffer this problem for the rest of their natural lives.

• The biggest problem is that victims of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to become abusers themselves as compared to those who were not abused. Majority of the men who have been guilty of abusing children turned out to have been sexually abused themselves as children. How it works in their minds is a mystery to me as I’m not a psychiatrist, but I doubt that any explanation would satisfy any logical parent. This creates a cycle which can be very dangerous especially as it grows.

Sexual problems, which include failure to get aroused or ever enjoy sex, panic attacks during sex as one is reminded of past encounters, and weird sexual desires. It is quite clear why these people may develop a negative attitude towards sex and never want to engage in it themselves. This will keep them from enjoying a fulfilling love life, as they live in constant fear.

• And sadly for those babies and toddlers who are molested, it is highly likely that their reproductive system and digestive system will be damaged. A few survive this ordeal and are lucky, too young to have any memory of it, but most can not be helped and end up dead due to the complications. Those who make it to adulthood, may be unable to have children due to the messed up reproductive organs being taken out to prevent further infections.

• Victims of sexual abuse as children tend to have social problems especially when it comes to communicating and forming relationships with other members of society. As children, they are withdrawn and tend to suffer their pain in silence until a concerned adult starts to ask questions and so they do not make many friends. As adults, even those who have managed to overcome their pain find it difficult to trust any one. This happens especially for those who were molested by a trusted family member such as a parent and they will be continuously suspicious of others thinking that they may carry the same tendencies. Some girls will develop androphobia, which is the extreme fear of men; I do not need to tell you how destructive this can be given that half the population on earth are male.

• Finally, come the psychological problems, the least of which are depression, panic attacks and anxiety. For those who fail to deal with this failure of humanity, they are more likely to be plagued with various mental problems up to and including schizophrenia. Their mental health is unstable with some exhibiting severe forms of split personalities as a way of dealing with the pain. The list of psychological complications from childhood sexual abuse is large and should be the major deterrent if nothing for this kind of abuse.

Considering that the abuse tends to happen within areas considered safe for the child to be such as home, school, day care, or even church, makes it the worst kind of evil. This means that no child can be really safe from child sexual abuse, as any of the numerous people with whom we entrust our children can be sick perverts. You may consider home schooling and trying to keep them away from all these phantoms, but then you will most likely cause other problems as this is not the way children are meant to be raised. As a concerned parent, you should ever be watchful of your children’s behavior and that of any other children you may come in contact with. Even if it is just the slightest of suspicions, report it to the police, and if it turns out that you were wrong, it is better than not doing anything while a child is being destroyed and possibly being turned into a monster.

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