Diseases of Poverty

Diseases of poverty refer to diseases that are prevalent among the more poor of the human race. The diseases also affect the wealthier, but not as much as they affect the poor, and even then they have access to medical attention which their poorer counterparts do not.

The diseases of poverty include AIDS, malaria, measles, tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhea, infant and maternal mortality. The diseases also include nutritional diseases, as the poor rarely ever have access to proper nutrition. You may have noticed that most of the diseases are ones that are associated with poor living conditions such as improper sanitation, feeding and limited access to medical professionals.

Most of these diseases are responsible for majority of the deaths in poorer countries and yet they are not even fatal. But due to the impoverished conditions in which people are forced to live, they can not even afford basic medication, let alone basic necessities. Poor sanitation makes it easier for them to be infected by various disease causing germs, add ignorance, neglect, and inability to gain medical attention and the disease quickly becomes fatal.

With people living in such conditions, the mortality rate among the poor is very high and if nothing is done, entire generations will be wiped out by otherwise treatable diseases. For example, with a single dose of 10 tablets, malaria can be cured, but because people are too poor to afford a full dose or any medication at all, malaria is one of the most fatal diseases in the sub-Saharan Africa, killing up to a million people a year along with AIDS.

For those who are left behind, they are sickly and can not be much use to the nation, and so the cycle of poverty continues. Because the people are too weak to work and even if they can, the working conditions are bad and stressful with very little pay which is not even enough to take care of their families, this makes it impossible for them to come out of this circle. Parents die early living behind orphans where even the little their parents had is taken away by greedy relatives. The children, if they survive, will turn into malnourished adults who can not do much.

Diseases of poverty is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and the best way to do this is not only to offer these people medication but also to create initiatives that will allow them to work and maintain a certain quality of life that will break this cycle. You can not keep giving charity to another person forever, what we need is to establish poverty eradication programs that will give this people a source of income so they can eventually be able to fend for themselves. And maybe one day we shall be able to live in a world free of poverty and disease, at least some of the treatable diseases, so we can only worry about trying to find cures for diseases with no cure, yet.

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