Corruption – The Virus

Corruption is the deviation from what is moral and goes against conscience, i.e. the deviation from that which is considered spiritually and morally ideal. This distinction is usually made by the collective majority of society and that which is ideal is decided as such. As you can imagine that this becomes very subjective as different societies in different time have a different take on what is considered corruption. For example, today we consider the ancient Greek way of life as hedonism (a sort of moral corruption), and yet to them it was simply the pursuit of all that is enjoyable in life.

Over time, different societies have considered different things as corruption from spiritual and political to moral corruption. As what is deemed correct in a society changes, so does the society’s perception of other cultures. For example, the Spartans of ancient Greece thought that the Persians were savages. This can be considered as irony because the Spartans would force all male children into training to turn them into soldiers at a very young age (about 6 years) and were known to be the most brutal army that ever existed. On the other hand, the Persians were more peace loving and organized, with a system much like one our Governments have today. So each culture considered what they knew as being moral while the rest were riddled with corruption.

Today most of our corruption is either moral or spiritual. The moral usually manifests itself in what we now consider moral degradation (such as the sexualizing of society) and then political corruption where those in political positions use them to benefit themselves rather than the society they serve. The spiritual came as a result of modern day religion, where those who do not believe in the existence of a higher being are considered to have been corrupted by the evils of this world.

Interestingly, the so called corruption of human beings has come as a result of people pushing for others to be more tolerant of their fellow humans. The idea is that we should be open minded and willing to explore that there are other things that are good and only if we let them be can we find that out. The question remains how open minded should be willing to become and what constitutes as just plain bad behavior?

The good news is that no matter the time, either the past or the present, political corruption has been and is considered as a crime. It is the only form of corruption that all societies seem to agree on as being wrong regardless of affiliation.

The bad news is, for the rest of human degradation, it is difficult to know what constitutes and what just self expression is. For example, the wide spread sexual content available on the market such that it is impossible to keep children safe especially when it comes to practicing sexual acts at a young age. Even if one was able to censor the media, there are those among us who are skewed towards children and it is difficult to identify them from the rest of the pack until they strike, by then it is too late for that particular child, or children.

All agree that corruption is an evil but what is corrupt changes almost constantly with time and what the current society believes. The best we can hope for is that, that which is truly evil never becomes acceptable at some point. This may be difficult, as not so far long ago, that which we refer to as witch craft was the norm, and yet today we consider it as being demonic and purely evil. Things change and nothing remains constant.

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