Strange Diseases and Disorders

For some illnesses that we are aware of and while they are painful, they are well researched and some form of treatment can be offered. But there are also others that are strange diseases,for most of which the causes are not known and no treatment is available. What makes these illnesses even that more painful even if they are not physically painful is the emotional pain attached to people not knowing what is wrong with someone and the failure to make it better in any way. In fact, in some more backward societies, the sufferer will experience public rejection and neglect and they will be forced to live in shame and humiliation with worst case scenarios involving people claiming that the person is cursed.

Here is a list of some of the strange diseases and disorders that you would not want to suffer from, or even anyone you know. Living life with these ailments is hard and even in cases where they are not physically painful, the psychological toll is too much for the mind to take and in most cases the sufferers will have to contend with mental problems resulting from the stress.

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome where the person can not stop themselves from having orgasms. One would think that being constantly ready for sex is fun, but when you have to expend huge amounts of energy every single day with over 100 orgasms then you might want to reconsider this. It is mostly common among women and no matter the situation, they cannot control themselves. This tends to result into inappropriate encounters on a daily basis. The cause of this problem is not known and subsequently no treatment can be offered.

Trichotillomania, where one suffers the intense desire to pull out their own hair. The person will attempt to pluck out any hairs on their body they can get a hold of. This is very painful and yet the person can not seem to stop themselves. It has been related to other emotional problems such as depression and anxiety and has been categorized in obsessive compulsive behavior.

Aquagenic urticaria, where one is all but allergic to water. Any contact with any water of any form including their own sweat and tears can and will trigger a reaction much like sufferers of other allergic reactions. Lesions, hives, dryness and soreness of skin will occur when they come in contact with water. No treatment is available and the best doctors can do is to have you avoid the water as much as possible, even the rain.

Progeria, where a very small genetic defect in the gene code results into the rapid aging of the victim. Every single one of us has seen how 80 year olds look like, now imagine a 6 year old who looks like this exactly except that they have a child’s build. As you are aware, aging can not be reversed and therefore the children rarely ever make it to the age of 13 as they die of old age before then. This ailment is painful to all concerned; the child suffers age associated illnesses such as arthritis and heart problems, while their parents have to watch as their baby wastes away in front of them.

Pica, which involves the urge to eat non food items. This will include anything from organic items such as plants, soil, wood and fecal matter, but will also include inorganic items such as plastic and metals, generally anything they can get their hands on. Scientists believe that it has something to do with the lack of minerals, though no confirmation has been made and no cure is available for this disorder. As you know, there is a reason these things are not eaten, and having this urge usually results into a lot of time spent in hospitals and accidental poisoning leading to death is a constant fear.

Moebius syndrome, where one has no control of their facial muscles whatsoever. Children born with this problem have either underdeveloped or non existent facial nerves and therefore have no facial expressions. There faces carry the same expression regardless of the situation; they can not smile, cry, frown, or even blink. This may seem like something one would aspire to, but when you think about how much our faces are used in communicating, this can become a very serious problem. Unfortunately, researchers have no clue as to the appropriate form of treatment.

Necrotizing fasciitis is a flesh eating bacteria that can enter the body through any wound one may have. It will then proceed to eat the soft tissue of the skin causing all the skin and flesh to rot away. It works its way through your flesh very fast and while antibiotics can be offered, surgery where the infected tissue is removed is the best option for a cure. In areas where surgery is not available whether due to the lack of a surgeon or funds and facilities, the person will literally rot alive in extreme pain.

The main striking thing about these strange diseases is that they are rare, the amount of pain they cause and the fact that majority of them have no known medical cure. It has however not stopped researchers from trying to find ways to deal with these illnesses and they may be able to get solutions at some point. Until then, for those who suffer from these ailments, we wish you the best life has to offer to ease the discomfort and pain.

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