Empower Yourself – 5 Keys to Self-Belief!

The crowd waits with bated breath! Surely he is going to die. How can anyone survive a dive into a pool of water from such a massive height? But lo and behold – he can FLY! But he does not believe it yet. He has been ridiculed all his life for his gigantic ears. He thinks he can’t fly as he lost his ‘magic feathers’. Timothy Mouse told him:

“Its not the magic feather, it is YOU! You can fly. Don’t think of the feathers. Just jump.”

He dives and the waiting crowd gasps. Just as he is about to plunge into the shallow water, Timothy mouse words rings in his ears: “It’s you, Dumbo, not the feather!” At last, he flies and soars high in the sky! He does not need any ‘magic feather.’ By believing in himself, Dumbo escapes the rigmaroles of circus.

Well, you might be thinking why I am weaving a story? This article is regarding YOUR escape! It is about how you can forgo ‘magic feathers’ and start believing in yourself!

Why Self-Belief?
The New Year is just around the corner – a new beginning with new found self-belief and confidence does sound worthwhile.Thinking why all this sudden hoopla about self-belief? Don’t you think you deserve much better.

Begin with believing in your own abilities!Just imagine how many things you have skipped or not done because you thought you can’t do it? Because you lacked in self-belief?

Most people fail to believe in their abilities or themselves as others didn’t. However, think of this deft saying by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Still, all those self-doubts start to creep in, don’t they? The unwanted thoughts can include:

  • Can I really do this?
  • Other people are more worthy, smarter and better than me.
  • What will my parents or friends think if I say/do this?
  • I just can’t face or risk failure.
  • Success is for others, it’s not meant for me.

If you ever felt like a complete loser, had trouble in believing in yourself, then read, understand, enjoy and practice these 5 keys to self-belief. Discover a new YOU!

Key 1 – Remember You Can Learn Self-Belief!
Always keep in mind that your level of self-belief is not engraved in stone. We all can change and be flexible, even ‘fly’. When you were born, you were not aware of anything. Slowly, bit by bit, life began to teach you your limits.

An innocent, young child would never utter “I can’t do this” at first. Children are immune to people who exude pessimism. They still haven’t learned to limit their horizons. Sky is the limit for them!

The first key is to re-examine and eliminate any limiting ideas which you have about yourself; thoughts which you have accumulated along the way.

Key 2 – Deal with Your Inner ‘Pessimist’ Voice!
When all those nagging doubts begin to hound you, just wait – listen to that little pessimist inner voice. Think whose voice is it actually? A old school bully’s, your parent’s? Or, is it a collection of many different voices from different people and times?

Remember one thing: this negative inner voice does not belong to you originally! It’s somebody else’s opinion about you.

The second key is to remind yourself “this is not my true voice” in these turbulent times! Begin to challenge this and learn to ignore.

Key 3 – Flip Your Weakness Into Strength!
Well, we all have traveled on this road at one point of our life – when we start to focus on what is wrong with us rather than what is right, we tend to miss the marks for self-belief!

Don’t just assume that there is absolutely nothing to improve about yourself. But merely focusing on your weaknesses without giving fair focus towards your strengths or without taking any steps to improve your weakness gets you nowhere! You stay in the same rut.

To make it more simpler, imagine this. If you are a stubborn soul, try to find the positive in it. When used wisely, stubbornness is known as single-minded determination. Here’s another perfect example! If you are a worrier (am one :)), try to understand the positive flip side – you have the power of imagination, which can be put to good use in the right context!

The third key is to take any negative thought about yourself and creatively flip it! So, a negative belief can be made a positive resource. You will have loads of fun doing this exercise!

Key 4 – Create Your ‘Super Powers’!
Man, don’t we wish that we were like our favorite superhero (mine is Batman, for sure ;))? Well, here is a task which you’ll love to do! Think of all the super powers which your favorite superhero possesses. Write them down when you are about to start your day.

Thinking why I am suggesting this? The answer is simple. When you ‘prime’ your mind with positive characteristics and qualities, you actually begin to determine your own behavior!

It’s not that you will wear a superhero costume and start saving the world from the evil forces, although the pattern of powers these ‘demigods’ possess is one of competence, courage and ability.

Before you start every day, try to ‘prime’ your mind with thought-provoking words. Apart from superhero powers, you can even jot down positive characteristics. Do this exercise before you leave your house. I might write:

  • Determination
  • Calm
  • Dignity
  • Strength
  • Generosity
  • Humor
  • Approachability
  • Compassion

You’ll be amazed to know how doing this simple task will powerfully prime your sub-conscious mind!

Key 5 – Create a Powerful Vision of Yourself!
Here is an important piece of advice: self-belief does not come just by trying to convince yourself that you can do stuff! Wake up and face the world.

True self-belief comes only when you begin to develop the vision that you can write that novel, start that business, create that music band, or anything else under the sun which you want to do!

Try to imagine this while keeping your eyes closed: watch yourself behaving strongly, calmly and decisively!

The powerful tool of visualization helps you to learn from yourself how to have self-belief and be confident. You even learn how to behave in ways to maximize your chances of success!

My Final Say!
Self-belief gives you the ultimate freedom to make glitches and mistakes. Also, it allows you to cope with setbacks by interpreting them for what they actually are: temporary obstacles or roadblocks, not the end of the world!

You’ll notice one more wonderful aspect along the process – as your self-belief begins to grow, people around you too began to believe in you more! Because it is not the ‘magic feather’ really – it’s just YOU!

So, start the journey of having faith in your own abilities! You will definitely love and respect the new found confidence! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Food for Your Thoughts!
“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.” Richard Bach

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