101 Ideas for A Merry Christmas!

It is not easy to celebrate Christmas when you are bombarded with many end-of-year commitments and a to-do list that reaches the North Pole! But with this article, you will find many ideas that can help you find joy, peace, and love this Christmas. So read and get started right now to enjoy a Merry Christmas

101 Tips to Celebrate Christmas

Apart from expensive gifts and lavish dinners, there are many other ways to celebrate the season. These ways reflect the true spirit of the holiday. You can celebrate Christmas in any style – reflective, refined or raucous, through the below mentioned tips, so read on.

1. First of all… remember the reason for this season!
2. Attend a midnight Christmas eve service with friends and family.
3. Start the day by praying within yourself to be a better human in the coming year.
4. Invite your family members and relatives for a potluck or some get-together at your place.
5. Go to your church when no one else is present there. Light a single candle and see it burn while you sit in the silence, enjoying the peace of the moment.
6. Grab your siblings and take them for shopping for your parents.
7. Sit with your parents and ask them about how they celebrated the season in their past and about their favorite traditions.
8. Share Christmas jokes with your loved ones, and make them laugh.
9. Develop a Christmas quiz and have a laugh with your extended family.
10. Make your presence felt.
11. Organize a movie night at your home by inviting your near and dear ones to watch movies like ‘The Family Stone’ or ‘A Christmas Story’. Serve popcorn, cookies, and hot apple cider to all of them.
12. Get together with your family to look at the photos from past Christmas days.
13. Take photos with your family and friends.
14. Offer help to your grandpa or grandma. Make some hot cocoa for them.
15. Pile your friends in the car and drive around your neighborhood for a night ride looking at the decorations and lights.
16. Poke your Facebook friends.
17. Send e-cards to your online contacts.
18. Phone someone special you lost contact with just to wish a Merry Christmas!
19. Invite people to your place if you know that they are alone for the holidays.
20. Watch classic animated movies like ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ along with kids.
21. Dress like an elf and visit an orphanage to bring smiles on the faces of those children.
22. Give out candy canes to school children along with a note that explains where this tradition came from.
23. Take the kids along to sit on Santa’s lap.
24. Distribute toys among the tots of your neighborhood.
25. Take your children to a local church holiday play and watch them generating a smile for you.
26. Prepare meals for the poor and the needy and distribute among them.
27. Donate time at a hospital.
28. Stick anonymous messages on your teachers’ desks thanking them for gifting you knowledge.
29. Get your area’s youth group to clean your pastor’s house while they enjoy their favorite Christmas CD.
30. Help other families in decorating their houses and trees.
31. Help a busy mom in your church by offering to babysit her children while she goes shopping.
32. Lend your hand to a busy dad to wash his car while he spends time with his children.
33. Mail holiday greeting cards to soldiers.
34. Ask permission from your local animal shelter providers for helping them give the animals their baths.
35. Offer your help services to anyone who needs it. You can walk their pets, or mow their lawns etc.
36. Go on a picnic with your colleagues and soak up the sun or enjoy the shade of a tree.
37. Host a holiday party and ask all the guests to wear either red or green.
38. Host a neighborhood street party on the street, to meet and greet each other well.
39. Form a youth group and create a nativity scene one night every week in front of your church. Make nativity scenes from snow if your church is in a snowy area. Sand-sculpt the nativity scene if it is near a sunny beach.
40. Spread cheer by smiling and whistling.
41. Device new games and play with one and all.
42. Hit the shops early on the eve because the early birds get the worms – the gift and the car parks.
43. Wear your cutest pajamas on the eve because you never know who you might bump in to while going out for a stroll.
44. Dress up uniquely. Women can wear lots of glitter, sparkles and sequins. Men can wear holiday boxers.
45. Wear a tea towel.
46. Sip a hot cocoa by the fireplace.
47. Serve brunch.
48. Bake a cake and some chocolate cookies and enjoy them yourself. Offer to others too.
49. Prepare the dinner the Australian way by firing up the BBQ.
50. Sip some eggnog.
51. Make bon-bons on your own.
52. Roast chestnuts and rice by an open fire.
53. Construct a gingerbread house and some gingerbread men.
54. Prepare a holiday recipe from a different culture, like Norwegian lefse or Mexican wedding cookies.
55. Make an edible Christmas tree.
56. Make a Santa sack with a large brown paper bag or a pillowcase. Decorate it beautifully.
57. Make your own Christmas tree using recycled materials. Save your money and the Earth too.
58. Decorate a pine tree with ornaments, little trains, cartoon characters etc.
59. Make a creative wrapping paper using festive stamps and butcher paper.
60. Place random gifts under the tree without any name tags.
61. Deck your lawns and living rooms with festive colors and lights.
62. Create gift items, like photo frames, albums, cookie boxes etc. on your own and gift them. Homemade gift items will be more special presents for your people.
63. Create gifts that can’t be held or paid for, such as a play, song, poem or dance.
64. Tailor hats for your guests.
65. Gift a pet to a TLC (tender, loving, caring) family.
66. Give a gift to a stranger.
67. Create a tape of famous Christmas carols sung by renowned musical artists. Pick some non-commercialized Christmas songs, like ‘Joy to the World’, ‘The First Noel’, and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’.
68. Build a huge snowman, or better still, make a sandman.
69. Ask someone to play a guitar or a piano. Then have a sing-along. Sing carols like ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’, ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, ‘Silver Bells’ or ‘Frosty the Snowman’.
70. Sing the classical carols at a karaoke lounge nearby.
71. Make a wreath on your own.
72. Plant a holly bush.
73. Be jolly and pick some holly to create a centerpiece for your dinner table.
74. Have a snowball fight. Or use white water balloons. Pit brother versus sister, family versus family.
75. Light up your home so bright so that Santa spots it from the North Pole. Don’t worry about the power bill.
76. Write a letter to the man in red (the Santa) mentioning all your requests. Also inform him whether you have been naughty or nice this year.
77. Find a unique place to hang up your stocking.
78. Plan a supper for Santa. Get the kids to plan a special menu for Santa. Then make it.
79. Make reindeer food. In a container, put some red & green sugar crystals and oatmeal. Then sprinkle some food on the front lawn too.
80. Dress as a Santa secretly and surprise everyone.
81. Place a sign near the chimney of your house for Santa – “ENTER HERE
82. Stomp on your neighbor’s rooftop and make sounds of reindeers.
83. Go to a shopping mall, find a good place to sit and then watch people while they shop. Try to guess who they are shopping for and what they purchased.
84. Go to office the next day wearing a holiday tie or a seasonal brooch.
85. Donate things that you do not use to a charity.
86. Run for a cause.
87. Go green by using recycled wrapping paper, sending e-cards, buying food and gifts locally and by using your green bags for shopping.
88. Light a candle in the memory of someone you are missing.
89. Write a blog on Christmas.
90. Play online Christmas games.
91. Read ‘The Magic Pudding’ or other tales of the season.
92. Tie the knot! Get married merrily.
93. Start a new tradition!
94. Tis the season to avoid conflicts!
95. Try not to take stress. Take a walk instead. Also take a deep breath.
96. Relax by going to the gym.
97. Take a nap or just sit on a comfy couch.
98. Be a Scrooge and do not get caught by the dazzle of the season. It is not festive to get into debts. So be a realistic buyer. Set a budget and stick to it.
99. Go to your backyard and spend some moments star gazing. Remember your past days when you laughed or cried.

Second last but not the least…

100. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

And one more…

Be thankful. Your Christmas celebrations may not have huge pile of presents, white snow-topped trees, or a choir singing Christmas carols, but thankfulness is above all. Anything more can be considered a bonus.

Did You Know?

According to a study, families who focus on giving and receiving gifts report less satisfaction and more stress during the holiday season.

The Top Takeaway

The bottom line of the study is that the more you spend money in December, the more stressed out you will become. Even focusing on spending very less creates stress. The solution? Try out the above ideas that are not very cheap and nor very expensive, and yet they have a touch of warmth that can give you a Merry Christmas!

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