Santa’s Longevity Secrets Revealed!!!!

Have you ever thought why Santa remains the same every year? He is also one among the senior citizens and remains untouched by the effects of aging. The most amazing thing is that his health is stable and the income he gets helps the entire world to receive lavish gifts. His calendar is packed with holidays and merrymaking. The best thing is that he remains unchanged without any cosmetic surgery or Botox. Therefore, what do you think is the secret behind Santa’s Longevity… Here is what the research study says…

Dr. John Hutchins, director of the University of Mississippi Santa’s Institute states that the secret to Santa’s longevity can benefit all those who are looking to live productive lives into the golden years. Hutchins, a professor of anatomy at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and staff of The Santa Institute are studying the mysteries, which have baffled both the adults and children for generations. He also further states that we all could learn a lot from Mr. Santa. Now, with the white hair and beard, Santa may look a bit older. However, don’t you think he does not seem to be getting older? So, what are Santa’s longevity secrets? So, read onto know the hidden secrets of Santa…

The Ho-Ho-Ho Secret: This is Santa’s trademark, which is a natural expression of joy. This is one form of stress relief as things can become a bit hectic during the Christmas time. It is also difficult to manage the elves. So, smiling and laughter are an excellent way to lighten the mood and dissipate stress as, Laughter is the Best Medicine.” I wish this happiness would remain forever in the hearts of all the grief-stricken people throughout the world.

Mrs. Claus: The next secret according to The Santa’s Institute is Mrs. Claus as she is the most adorable wife. She is the backbone of Mr. Claus. Her presence in his life has helped him to have a healthy life. Don’t you think this is an excellent reminder for all of us to spend time with our family and friends? Yes, it is! So, forget all the worries and tensions this Christmas and enjoy your holidays… :)

Chimney Squats: Now, you might be wondering how is chimney squats and stanta’s longevity connected. You might be confused as Santa’s waistline is something that is far too large. But Mr. Santa trains himself throughout the year to be strong enough to creep through millions of chimneys on the eve of Christmas. He exercises everyday with a whole team of elves. So, this is again a reminder to all of us to start exercising if you have not begun and continue it throughout the New year for a healthy and long life!

Santa and Elves
Managing Elves: Now, this is a big task for Santa. He loves these little elves, as they are one of the reasons for Santa’s longevity. So, how do you think they play a major role? Santa has to manage thousands of elves. How does he do it? He does it by simple managerial skills. He keeps his mind occupied and engages engaging different activities. So, what can we do? We also must be creative and keep ourselves busy by doing something useful and productive. This can be one of your New Year resolutions as the saying goes, “An Empty Mind is the Devil’s Workshop.” So, keep yourself busy!

Santa Giving Gifts
Giving and Positive Thinking: This is the last longevity secret; “Think Positive.” Another important thing is the joy of sharing and giving gifts during Christmas. This is the most joyous moment for Santa as he loves giving gifts and spreading the joy of Christmas throughout the world. This does give meaning and value to our lives in this greed and hatred filled world.

These are some of the longevity secrets from our dear Santa Claus… Whether you believe in the existence of Santa or not, I hope that these longevity secrets are gonna come in handy… So, what are you waiting for? Wear on your Santa cap and spread the joy and happiness of Christmas to everybody out there!!! Merry Christmas and May God Bless You!!! 😀

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