Alexandria’s Genesis – The Perfect Human

Alexandria’s Genesis is a genetic mutation that unlike so many others produces a very good effect for the human being involved. The characteristics of those born with the mutation make them the perfect human beings, with little or no biological disturbances.

The first recorded case of Alexandria’s genesis was a woman named Alexandria Augustine in 1329 London. Her parents, upon realizing her most distinct feature, the purple eyes, decide that she must be possessed and take her to a priest, to have her exorcised. Luckily, the priest had heard of the mutation before and told the parents that nothing was wrong with their daughter. According to legend, after a flash of light over Egypt some odd thousand years ago, the people with purple eyes and very fair skin had appeared only to disappear north and were lost till Alexandria showed up.

The characteristics of those who carry the mutation include:
• Extremely fair skin that does not get burned or tanned and purple eyes. The eyes are either gray or blue at birth but should have morphed completely into purple shades by the end of the first year. By puberty, it should be a distinct deep purple color.

• Their hair is usually dark brown or black and they do not develop any other hair apart from that which they are born with. That is hair on their heads, eyelashes, and inside the nose. This gives them the advantage of not dealing with shaving as hair will not grow where it does not exist before puberty.

• Speaking of puberty, the women also do not menstruate even though they are indeed fertile and can have normal children. Alexandria had four girls all of whom also had the mutation.

• They posses incredibly strong immune systems that are resistant to any disease known to man and consequently have really long life spans going up to 170 years of age. Alexandria died at the age of 150 years and was never sick for any day in her entire life. They also tend to appear younger by 5-10 years than they really are, they age slowly, with the aging process reduced after the age of 25 and they stop aging altogether at the age of 40-50.

• They have well proportioned bodies, never gain weight and pass little or no waste. Their metabolism ensures that everything taken in is utilized and they surprisingly stay fit. Added to this is their 20-20 vision that stays this way even as they grow older and remains perfect to their death.

• The mutation manifests itself mostly in Caucasian women, and women are the primary carriers. The children of these women are also known to carry the mutation and it does not skip generations, instead getting stronger with each generation. Even with interracial children, the mutation still appears and the children will still be very fair as they tend to take on a more Caucasian look. And even when the interracial children were to marry some one non-Caucasian, the resultant offspring would still carry the mutation and exhibit the characteristics.

The biggest question about Alexandria’s Genesis is where it originated from and can it be harnessed to help with all the various diseases that ail human kind. In any case, those born with the mutation are living the life we all wish we could lead not worrying about catching various germs from all sorts of surfaces that could infect us with some weird diseases.

11 responses to Alexandria’s Genesis – The Perfect Human

  1. Very Nice, Informative

  2. lame said on July 9, 2012

    its not real, at all. its from a fanfiction.

    • No, it isn’t. The legend is thousands of years old; most historians believe the legend dates all the way back to Egyptian times. It isn’t real, however. To our knowledge, anyway.

      The Daria fan fiction writer lied, stating that she came up with the idea all on her own, which, obviously, she did not. Why don’t you do some research before you post nonsense.

      Just trying to shed some light on the subject…

  3. idk, you guys. The symptoms of Alexandria’s genesis sounds kinda like sysmptoms for being a vampire.

    Long life span?

    Perfect vision?

    Shimmering white, almost metallic, skin?

    Highly evolved immune system?

    I mean c’mon you guys.

    They’re obviously vampires.

  4. I believe this . . . . . . .

    • Well it’s okay to believe everything in the above EXCEPT the never gain weight part…that part just hit me “wow,i almost fell for this crap” and i ain’t gonna teach you guys about karbs,fat,sugar and sh*t just look it up

  5. The never gain part is the proof that this is fake you guys probably know about karbs,sugar and if you don’t believe me just look it up. it’s just impossible not to gain weight either from muscle mass or fat you WILL gain weight

  6. Actually my cousin has all these symptoms . Except the shimmering skin

    • You mean to tell me your aunt never had to change a diaper, never taught your cousin how to shave, never has to buy tiolet paper. Your cousin never pees, sneezes ir gas ever had any illness. Assuming she has not been locked in a sterile bubble her entire life.

      Oh also alexandrias genisis is genetic and dominant so that means that her entire family on her mother or farthers side all have these traits.

      Gods. Has all humanity lost its ability to use logic.

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