The ‘Not To Do’ Xmas List

Come Christmas, you will see walls and desks of houses decorated with ‘To Do’ lists. This assures that Christmas, the ‘To Do’ list season, has arrived. Yes, Christmas is indeed the season of list-making. Almost everyone manages several ‘To Do’ lists just to make sure that this holiday season passes off smoothly. There is the card list, the gift list, the gift wrapping list, the gift mailing list, the dinner grocery list, the goodies for Santa list, the decoration list, the naughty or nice list, the people to see list, the to go list, and, of course, the list to monitor all the other lists. And, oh, by the way, most of the employees maintain their ‘work to do’ lists along with their Christmas lists as there are many assignments to wrap up during this end of the year period.

People often awaken from their ‘long winter’s sleep’ when they remember something that must be included in one of those lists. Or, maybe to write a brand new list! Sometimes people write down the tasks that they have already done so that they can cross them off. This gives them a feeling of accomplishing something. Some of the tasks that most people add to their lists include the following:

  • buy gifts for family
  • wrap, address, stamp and mail the Xmas greeting cards
  • bake cookies for the guests
  • hang Christmas lights – inside and outside
  • buy a fresh pine tree and decorate
  • buy grocery for Xmas dinner
  • attend office holiday party
  • participate in Christmas volunteer activities
  • sing in church choir on Sunday
  • and the list grows on and on…

As the holiday season adds more activities to the already overstretched lives of people, it is certainly essential to keep track of all the tasks that needs to be carried out before the D-day. However, these lists are never ending. They can be overwhelming. Just about the time one checks off 5 or 6 items and begins to feel ‘in control’, ooops, he or she remembers 15 more things that needs to be added. And so these lists keep growing.

These list-making tasks make you more restless and tired than the actual tasks. So let us get creative this year by listing down what not to do on Xmas by using a ‘Not To Do’ list. Yeah, it is still a list. But it reminds one of some things that are not to be done. This will give a sense of relaxation.

Here are some things that you can note down on your ‘Not to do’ list:

  • Not to bake different kinds of cookies when only one or two will do. It is nice for the kids to return home to the smell of baking cookies in the oven. But it is even nicer to return home to a mom who is not getting tired by baking cookies.
  • Not to overspend. It is tempting to spend lavishly on this day, but paying down the credit card will spoil the coming months.
  • Not to add unnecessary expenses by sending out greeting cards to people you see every day. This is because cards are meant for friends and relatives who live at a distance and for whom a greeting card is an important way to catch up. But for people you see regularly, saying a heartfelt “Happy Holidays” is enough.
  • Not to accept the kids’ pleas for the tallest and biggest tree on the lot. A 6-foot Christmas tree can look great on the lot but to cut down such a tree to get into your house is unimpressive.
  • Not to start any new weight-loss and healthy-eating diet. You may try such diets at other times of the year but thinking of sticking to balanced meals is absolutely not possible at this time of the year. Taking such a step at this time of year is merely a way to torture yourself and an exercise in self-defeat.
  • Not to run around finding the perfect present for people when a get-together is what they want the most. Most adults do not wish to receive material gifts. Instead they crave for full conversations, experience-sharing episodes, and enjoying the comfort of being in the same place at the same time every year.
  • Not to neglect your regular duties in your efforts to enjoy the festival. The point is to do first things first.
  • Not to become a slave to lists – not even this one. Cross off things you don’t want to do, or can’t realistically do.

There. That feels better!

Make use of other kinds of lists such as an ‘All Done’ list. This will help even better.

Wrap Up
We mortals have limited energy and time, and unlimited duties to carry out. This can ruin the spirit of the season and steal your gift of ‘peace of mind’ when the Christmas rolls around. So it is the need of the hour to assess the activities that really needs to be done, in order to enjoy a Merrier Christmas!

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