Beauty and Time – An Insight

It has been said, ‘Time and bad conditions do not favor beauty.’

From the above statement, it is quite clear what the speaker thought about the relationship between beauty and time. In this case, we speak of physical beauty of human beings rather than other forms of beauty and entities. Maintaining that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder and is subsequently a matter of subjectivity, and therefore we will consider what each individual looks at as beautiful in another person.

Beauty and time tend to have an inversely proportional relationship. As time goes by, beauty is generally assumed to reduce such that with the increase in time, the reduction in beauty. The universal judgment of beauty seems to be smooth well hydrated skin and proportional features. But as we age, these drastically fade away and we are left with dry wrinkly skin and sagging body parts. But as things are, we all age and adhere to the laws of nature sooner or later.

Beauty Industry
As a result of people’s desire to hang onto their youthful and therefore beautiful looks, a multinational multi-million dollar industry has been created that focuses on delaying the natural aging process. There are thousands upon thousands of beauty products junked out every year to enable people stay as young as possible. From skin hydrating creams to anti aging creams and in some cases medication, it is all out there on the market. It does not help that the products are promoted by beautiful and young persons, usually models or celebrities, giving the masses the illusion that if they use the product they will look at least half that good.

The one mode of conduct in the pursuit of beauty that has been of help to the users is exercise, overall fitness, and eating healthy. People who live a healthy lifestyle age at a slower pace than those who do not and even when older they still look beautiful. However, this has been infiltrated too with a bevy of unrealistic and unhealthy diets and fitness programs that promise people to get them looking better in an impossible amount of time. Unfortunately, people are desperate to fit into what they believe to be the concept of beauty that they ignore all warning signs and just try one failing routine after another.

The extreme form of trying to hang onto youthful good looks is plastic surgery where those interested will cough up thousands of dollars to have a doctor either inject, insert, tuck, extend, or outright full surgery in an attempt to hold onto youth. Sometimes the surgeries are botched and things go terribly wrong, while in some cases it is a success, but what is sure to happen at all times is that the more it is done, the more it degrades the natural muscles and soon people have frozen faces. The resulting picture is of a strange looking creature at the age of 60 that has little or no resemblance to their youthful image they were trying so hard to cling to.

The biggest problem comes from a society that values looks above all else, and so in an effort to remain relevant, the masses try to maintain that impossible image over time. Society has put such a huge emphasis on people looking a certain way and the celebrities stuck in the lime light are expected to always look youthful and not given the option that it is okay to age. As the world watches them, they seek to emulate this and on goes the cycle.

When it comes to beauty and time, people need to understand that nature will always take its course. The reason why the 20 year olds look the way they do is because in most part their organs and body functions are in tip top shape. They can spend the entire night partying and drinking till 6 in the morning and still be able to show up to work at 9 a.m. fresh faced, a 40 year old can not do this. No matter how hard one tries at 60, you can not hope to look like your 20 year old grand child, so deal with it and accept to move on. Use those methods that are safe i.e. eat healthy, exercise, and keep your skin and hair healthy and clean, and allow yourself to age gracefully.

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