Top Excuses for Cheating

Top excuses for cheating

Cheating on your partner is one of the main reasons for breakup of relationships and marriages. Why do people cheat? Some cite boredom, while others want to try out the unknown. We asked relationship experts to provide us the top excuses for cheating. Read on and check if you can identify with any of the reasons pointed out by them.

Technology Aids Cheating
In the past, cheating used to be the prerogative of the male sex. But, times are a-changing and women are fast catching up with their men. They are aided by technological advances such as cell phones, texting and instant messaging. Internet websites cater to married women and men who are looking for a fling. But ultimately, it is up to you to choose whether you wish to use technology positively, or as an aid to cheating on your dear one.

She Has Changed
Cheating men say they become disappointed if their woman puts on weight or becomes physically lazy. So, to keep their man, women must take good care of themselves. Likewise men should not assume they can be a slob and expect perfection from their female partner.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt
Some men take their women for granted. They will discuss house repairs, bills and the kids with their partners, but are they really conversing from the heart? This lack of affectionate communication can affect women’s relationship satisfaction and emotional intimacy. Dissatisfied or unhappy people start looking elsewhere. Their eyes start roving and zoom in on cute colleagues or neighbors. If you make your woman feel like a household drudge, she will start craving for attention from others and become open to seduction.

Nags Ask for It
A nagging wife or husband does their best to drive their partner into cheating. If you keep snapping at your partner, it is natural he will seek solace in somebody who is more understanding and compassionate.

Change in Interests
Though similar interests and loves may have brought you two together, there is no guarantee things will remain the same. After a few years of marriage, your husband may want to watch football or play pool with his friends every evening, while you may wish to go out somewhere. This divergence in interests may drive a wedge between you two. Soon, you may find that the hot guy in your yoga class seems to share more interests with you than your formerly beloved hubby.

Beware of Wanderlust
Sometimes, married men cheat just for the heck of it and can’t even explain why. They may want a break from daily routine. Just like men used to be hunters in their caveman days, today they wish to hunt women. Women need to watch out for this type of behavior. Watch closely how he behaves in the company of attractive women. To keep him interested in you, build a sense of mystery around yourself.

Fizzled Out Passion
Some couples may have the ideal married life: steady finances, healthy kids and no nearby in-laws. Yet, the wife may need some excitement as she is bored. Your husband does not seem the same romantic guy he was when you were dating. Now, he’s just a bundle of habits who gets under your skin every day. And, you may long for a casual fling just to get some zing back into your life. When women find their Prince Charming has become a frog, they could be forced to cheat to deal with the disappointment.

Blame it on Biology
Some experts say the urge to mate with many females is inherently built in a man’s biological nature. Research reveals that men who have a specific gene find it more difficult to bond with their partner, paving the way for infidelity. There is a more simple explanation too. The same old naked body becomes boring after a while. You start to long for different body types and lips. The main reasons for monogamy are the friendship and love such a relationship offers. And, we need to remember these are more important than merely getting laid.

Other Men’s Attention Boosts Your Ego
Your husband is a wonderful man who keeps reassuring you that you still have it. But, this may not be enough for your ego, which might need extra affirmation from others. So, women might start to look elsewhere, just to reassure themselves they are still lovable.

Payback Time
If a wife catches her husband with his pants down with another woman, she may thirst for revenge. Cheating hurts your partner’s feelings and they may try to heal their emotions by seeking solace in another man.

Search Your Soul
Now, that you have learnt about the top excuses and reasons for cheating, analyze your own mind and relationship to check if any of them apply to you. Remember, the cheap thrill of cheating can only lead to disappointment, heartbreak or even worse.

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