Holiday Gifts to Your Health!

Does the mere thought of a health gift induces the same feeling of sadness and dreariness as getting a mail-order tube socks or fruitcake? If you are sadly nodding yes, then it’s about time to expand your horizons. Remember that health doesn’t have to be really ho-hum! You don’t have to be a fitness freak to reap the benefits!

You can be more imaginative and think of items which help you to stay fit and in shape, stories about the advancements in medicine, accessories inspired by biology and much more. Read on to discover interesting holiday gifts to your health which spreads awareness and improves your overall health.

Activity Tracker – Fitbit Ultra
Devices which can keep a track of your physical activity have started dominating the market scene since the debut of the Bodybugg system. If you are thinking of gifting it, don’t forgo the Fitbit Ultra.

This activity tracker is a wireless gadget which can be easily placed in your pocket or attached to clothing. Weighing only 0.4 ounces, this little device provides quick feedback by tracking your calories spent while dancing, running, walking or doing everyday chores.

Equipped with a 3-D motion sensor, this wonderful gadget can also calculate the duration and intensity of your exercise. Also, it has a stopwatch and stair counter. It even provides you cumulative statistics. A user can also monitor his or her sleeping patterns like when he/she dozes off.

The Fitbit Ultra is sleek gadget equipped with a battery which lasts for at least 5-7 days and a readable display. You can purchase this in many stores or online. You can sync the device with the Fitbit nutrition and activity website. The sleek device both informs and motivates you to control your ideal weight!

Wear Germs – Infectious Awareables Silk Scarves!
Viruses and bacteria which cause disease are definitely icky! Urgh! However, these scarves are beautiful in a way. Don’t get repulsive. Hear me out.

Each of this clothing items (boxers, bow ties, neckties, etc.) depict the name of the germ “discreetly” into the border. If you have any interest in scourges and plagues, you can have background information about each disease from the official website.

Be adventurous this Christmas and gift scarves depicting a healthy heart muscle! There are various other offerings such as the Foodborne Six, anthrax, measles and avian flu.

Even though some may disagree with this idea and find it tasteless, the intention behind these garments is to raise awareness about the diseases caused by these infectious agents with a touch of humor. A portion of the total proceeds is donated to various disease-fighting causes like Rotary International polio eradication program and AIDS Project L.A. So, be imaginative with a heart!

Yoga Accessory – Skidless Towel by Lululemon
A few people who workout tend to sweat more than others. Well, nothing to be embarrassed of. Here is a perfect solution to end the annoyance – microfiber Skidless Towel for your yoga class.

One side of this towel looks like any other regular towel, while the other side is equipped with little silicone dots which grip your mat. This grip allows you to follow any warrior pose without fearing your towel sliding away. See the brighter side – you can even avoid the dirty looks from the person behind you!

This magical towel measuring 68 by 24 inches is wee bit expensive, but remember one thing – it’s definitely worth it for your peace of mind! So, do the yoga poses without any discomfort !

DIY Pliates – CorePlus Reformer by Gaiam
If you are looking to tone up rather than bulking up, Pilates is your perfect choice! These routines primarily focus on strengthening and lengthening your muscles. If you don’t wish to hook up to any heavy machinery, join a group class or hire a personal trainer, you have CorePlus Reformer!

The powerful device is equipped with four handles at the resistance-cord loops ends. These loops come together in the center to create an X shape. This can be used to tone your abs, arms and legs – all in the comfort of your home.

Also, it is accompanied with a 45-minute DVD which demonstrates various exercises to target the core, lower body or upper body, based on your ability and time! If you are a self-motivated beginner, this can be your perfect choice for indoor winter workout!

So, if you are still pondering what to gift your loved ones for Christmas, think about their long term asset – a healthy and happy life. Gift them any health-related items which they can cleverly use in order to reap the benefits. Happy holidays!

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