Death and Beyond

Mary was awakened from her sleep by the buzzing alarm of the bed side clock. Numbly she opened her eyes oblivious for a second to the baggage of feelings she generally carries with her. She groped for her glasses and found them. She sat up wearily and her eyes fell on the frame that adorned Donny’s vibrant face. It hit her again like a million watts of shock running through her core.

It was the ill fated day she lost “Donny” forever. A year of being alone, a year being alive with just his memories. She lied back trying to come to terms with the deluge of tears that does not get any less with time. She felt wronged and angry at the devious scheme of things dished out to her by her ill fated life. She got hold of Donny’s pillow and sobbed uncontrollably.

An hour into it, her tears dried up. She “woke “ up finally and reached out for the radio to get the daily dose of the snow forecast in the wintry December morning. Mary froze. She was just hit by a bolt out of the blue. It was Lionel Richie’s mellifluous rendition of the song “I still believe”. This was the song Donny would sing to her to cheer her up from a bout of impending gloom. Her lips broke into a smile. She just knew he was there.

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever stopped and realized that your loved one who has crossed over is making his presence felt. Amidst most religions and faith, it is believed that the soul of the departed loved one watches you and protects you. Have you ever wondered that this basic fact could actually be true?

The paranormal have always existed. There could not be anything more fascinating than “death” and what lies beyond it. Various methods have been used to contact the dead or delve into the realm of the nonexistent. A lot has been written as to how and why the dead can give us signals. People who had near death experiences and have been revived to life successfully have often reported of crossing over in a dimension and experiencing a serene and liberating white energy for a brief period of time.

Death and Beyond

Over time a lot has been conjectured about what actually happens after death. A lot of techniques have evolved to establish contact with those who have crossed over.

Channeling as a method of delving into the paranormal realm

Psychics believe that everyone has a higher self that could very well function in a different dimension. Coming in sync with this higher self or being can help one act as a channel. Everything exists as blobs of energy. Being able to tap and decipher these sources of energies can establish a channel within a person in the physical world. The channeled becomes a medium for the energy from the other world to come through. The term “Channeling” came into the fore in the year 1972 with the publication of the book “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts and her husband, Robert Butts. There would be an unseen entity by the name of “Seth” who would communicate with Jane, the medium who would then dictate it to her husband Butts.

The different methods in which channeling could be established are as follows:

English ouija board

Oiuja Board

Otherwise known as the “Talking Board”, it is a flat board with letters of the alphabet on it. The numbers from 0-9, words like “Yes”, “No”, “Hello” and “Good Bye” as well as various other symbols are depicted on it. A small heart shaped piece of wood known as the planchette is a part of the set up. It moves during a séance, pointing and spelling out words and in the process, communicating the message from the spirit. Questions about the credibility of this medium were raised by skeptics. Many feel that the movements of the planchette are not automatic and are triggered by the users themselves.

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing or psychography

The spirits are presumed to take over the hand of a medium to write messages and other pieces of communication. Mediums have been known to write in languages to which they have never been exposed to. Skeptics explain the latter as cryptomnesia. It is the return of a forgotten memory from early childhood which the person identifies as something new.


Receiving signals or thoughts from loved ones. What identifies it as a psychic experience is that the medium or the one at the receiving end clearly senses it and can connect it to the person who passed. The medium can establish the mental connection between the energy transmitted from the spiritual dimension and can merge it with his own energy field. Spirits can even transmit images or sound media as that happened in Mary’s case. Mediums are clearly spoken to and can hear things which normal people cannot hear.

Influencing Dreams

Influencing Dreams

Dream visitations are another common method of spiritual communication. In sleep, one is in a space which represents a deeper level of consciousness or astral planes which can help us get into the spiritual dimension effortlessly. Dream visitations have been often used by departed loved ones to warn someone of an impending danger. These dreams can be uniquely remembered and distinguished by the subject as communicative messages from the other side.


Through physical signs in the environment

It is believed that the paranormal world is superimposed on the physical world. Both exist together. Just having a receptive sensibility may be enough to decipher messages put forward by the spirits of those who have crossed over to the other realm. Sometimes loved ones who die can use these natural signals to comfort and help those left behind deal with the grief. Signs from nature include rainbows, butterfly, rain, flowers of a certain color etc to appear serendipitously and convey messages of peace and serenity.

However, communication with the other side cannot be forced. It is believed in almost all cultures that the ones facing death also passes over with peace and tranquility on receiving acceptance on the part of those left behind. Death is just the beginning. It can never be the end of a person. The entire aura and the energy of the person are there to be tapped into and felt. All said the best way to honor your loved one is to set them free and trying to seek happiness for yourself. Yes, there is a happy place where you would be together again.

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