Gain Weight with This Simple Diet

Everyone wants to be fit in today’s world. Look around you and you will see people rushing to gyms and following all the form of diets one can find, for reducing fat. However, there are also people who want to gain weight. Most people who go to the gym and follow diets are usually desperate to lose excess fat and weight in order to stay fit. At the same time, there are people who are desperate to gain weight as they are too skinny and unhealthy. Just as being obese is unhealthy, so is being too skinny. Following is a weight gain diet for skinny people.

If you are extremely skinny and underweight, chances are that you have body weakness as well as few other health problems. You may have already been trying desperately to gain weight by following a certain diet. It is not too hard to gain weight compared to losing it. However, if you are still struggling hard to gain weight, you may want to follow the below mentioned diets in order to gain weight.

Weight gain diet for skinny people

  1. Track calories

    It is often confusing for people as to how many calories a person should consume on average in a day. The rule of thumb for losing weight is, burn more calories than you eat. In the same way, for skinny people, it works quite opposite. You must consume more calories than your body spends on a single day. It is advised to use a food scale or a calorie calculator to keep track of your calorie intake and calories burnt. Once you know how many calories you are burning on an average day, you can easily find out how many calories you need to consume in order to gain weight.

  2. Eat calorie rich foods

    There are two ways of increasing calorie intake. One way is to keep eating, once every 3-4 hours. The second way is to include calorie rich foods in your regular diet. If you have looked around, dieticians advise obese people to cut down on certain carbohydrate and calorie rich foods in order to reduce fat and weight. These are precisely the foods which you need to consume in order to gain calories easily, without eating too many times a day. Some food sources rich in calories are rice, white pasta, whole milk, cereals, potatoes, nuts and vegetable oil.

    Food sources such as rice and pasta easily provide you about 380 kcal per 100 gms. A 100 gms of Olive oil or many other vegetable oils provide you about 880 kcal. Meat like beef, pork and chicken provide you higher amounts of calories.

  3. Eat nutritious food

    While it is necessary to eat calorie rich foods, it is also necessary to maintain a balanced diet. Otherwise, your health may get affected in other ways. Hence, always make sure you consume food with balanced amounts of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats (omega 3 and healthy fats) and antioxidants. Vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Eggs, fish, soya and lean meat (not rich in fats) are excellent sources of proteins and fats. While eating pizzas, burgers and other junk foods is alright once in a while, avoid eating too many of them as well as they do not provide the complete nutrition required by your body.

    Beef and pork are excellent sources of proteins. However, try to avoid them as much as possible as they are also rich in cholesterol and other bad fats which are harmful to your health. Remember!! The goal here is to gain healthy weight and fat, and not become obese, as obesity is again an enemy of health.

  4. Exercise regularly

    Though this is not a diet, regular exercise cannot be neglected if you want to have a healthy and a fit body. Gaining fat and weight is one thing, but gaining them in the right places is another. There is nothing else than a workout to keep the fat you gain in the right places of your body. Make sure you are involved in some physical activity such as sports, martial arts, gym or even simple jogging and weight training. Also, make sure that you never train empty stomach. It is good to have a carb and protein shake before you start training.

So, remember to follow this simple weight gain diet for skinny people to gain weight in a healthy way. Also, remember to combine it with regular workout and regular calorie tracking.

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