Unveil your Dreams!

Unveil your Dreams!
Do you sleep to dream or dream to sleep? This question remains debatable and researchers agree that dreams are very much important. They agree that every dream has a purpose. Many dreams are lost or forgotten by the time we are awake fully. Another fact is that no two dreams are alike, but the meaning that we give is specific to the dreamer. However, there are certain common dreams that most of us have dreamt at some time or the other. For example running to catch a train and then not able to do so. This article helps you to unveil your dreams, as some of them are an expression of anxieties that we must confront. So, read on….

Being Chased or Pursued!
In this type of dreams, you may feel a threatening figure or a wild animal chasing you, but never catches you. By the time you are awake, the terror ends. This kind of dreams is indicative that we are trying to escape from a challenge, emotion, or responsibility, which we cannot handle. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself following a chasing dream:Unveil your Dreams!

  • Are you anxious, entrapped, or powerless at work or home?
  • Do you feel that your relationships at home, job, or social life is lacking something?
  • Are you running away from something sub-consciously?
  • Chasing dreams try to pinpoint things that make you feel threatened or insecure. This helps you to take positive steps to relieve the pressure. It also sometimes represents the disowned parts of a dreamer’s personality.

Falling dreams
In this, the dreamer has a fall from the window or a cliff and you even have an acute fear or sense of pain. The dreamer awakens before hitting the ground. Everybody has this kind of dream. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself following a dream of falling:Unveil your Dreams!

  • Are you stressed at work?
  • Are you afraid of losing someone or something?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Have you made a bad personal or business decision?
  • Do you feel insecure?
  • Has someone important disappointed recently?

Falling from a height has some negative connotations – we fall upon hard times, falling into bad ways, or losing balance. It can also represent helplessness, loss of control, loss of security or any other fear of losing something. All you can do is, try to determine what has caused the dream and then write it in a journal. After penning them down, try resolving.

Flying dreams
Flying dreams have a connotation of being successful, or finding a talent or ability. It could also indicate that you are in love. In this type of dream, the person flies through the air, unaided. These dreams have a remarkable sense of exhilaration, where he/she may feel completely empowered and in control of their actions. However, we feel top of the world that we are soaring to very great heights.Unveil your Dreams!

  • If you are flying free then it is an indication that you are proud of your achievement at home, work, or life.
  • Flying with wings represent that you have risen above and are going to new heights with a very clear vision.
  • Floating or Flying at Low Altitudes indicates that you have a lot of determination and now matter how hard it is, you would surely succeed.
  • Flying using any Device or Airplane is an indication that you are proud of your accomplishments. You get the recognition and support from those around you. You may not be soaring on your own, but you feel the respect and success that brings along.

These are some of the common dreams that most of us see in our sleep. However, none of these types of dreams are indicative of something predictive. Some of them are an expression of anxieties that we may need to confront. So, stop worrying of the dreams that you have seen and have a good night sleep! :)

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