Demonic Haunting – The Horrifying Signs!

Demonic Haunting – The Horrifying Signs!
Do you believe in demonic haunting? Do you believe in their existence? Unfortunately, they not only exist, but are highly active. How do you know if the continuous rapping on your walls is a result of bad plumbing or the work of the evil? You do not know, but you hear footsteps in the upstairs when you pretty well know that there is no one up there.
Doors slam suddenly, things start appearing and disappearing, unmistakable strange perfume or a burning smell in the air. Whatever are the signs, one thing is sure that these are demonic signs. You might have heard about these mystical stories as a child.Now, these stories are no more stories as many have experienced these alarming or scared to death situations. Whether you believe in demons or not, the truth is that, they do exist. This article is all about some of the hidden signs of demonic haunting, which most of us fail to feel or understand. So, read on…

The Signs of Haunting!
Firstly, you must determine whether you have a legitimate case of haunting. Some haunting feature single phenomena like sudden slamming of the door back and forth, which occurs repeatedly. The second one consists of different phenomena that can range from odd noises to full-blown apparitions. So, hold you’re breath as here’s a list of signs that indicate you are a victim of demonic haunting. Demonic Haunting – The Horrifying Signs!

  • 3 AM- The Dark Hour
    Although, demonic activity occurs at any part of the day or night, the peak is often between 3:00 and 3:30AM. Some demonologists refer this as the anti-hour because they feel that Christ was crucified at around three in the afternoon. So, if you notice any changes in your sleep pattern like waking up at 3:00am, then you might be the next target. Be careful and watchful!
  • Triangular Activities
    Watch out for activities that occur in a pattern of three. You may see an object move three separate times or hear three knocks in a row. Demonologists claim that this is the mocking of the holy trinity.
  • Strange Smell
    You get strange odors, especially that of unfamiliar perfumes or colognes. The most common types of odors are the smell of rotting meat, egg, sewage, and sulfur. Usually, the stench is terrible and these spirits are nasty. So, if you are also one among those having this kind of smell, then you need to be pretty much careful.
  • Irrational Anger
    Most victims of demonic haunting have reported anger towards others for no reason. They are completely irrational. The feelings of hatred and anger are so intense that they are accompanied with violent or murderous urge. So, beware coz the demons are on prowl!
  • Nightmares
    Nightmares can occur even without demonic influence, but the demonic ones are quite vivid. Sometimes, you get the figure of the demon himself and you are scared to death. So, watch out for this sign!
  • Growling
    This is another terrifying sign, where a demon might make its presence felt through a low, guttural growling. You might feel as if a Rottweiler is attacking you. Growling has always been connected to angry human spirits. The Catholic Church has told that the only way to differentiate a demonic growl is by hearing the pitch.
  • Physical Harm
    Demons also cause physical harm to its victims. It can come in the form of bruises, burns, or scratches. It may occur very rarely, but it does happen.
  • Emotional Distress
    Sometimes, the demons prefer mental torment. The victim may have sudden and extreme depression. They even end up having suicidal tendencies, which alters their normal emotional quotient. These evil spirits plague the victims with guilt, insomnia, sorrow, fear, and self-loathing.
  • Deception
    Finally deception! Now you might be wondering how can a demon deceive us. It may try its deception tactics by impersonating the homeowner’s voice. This is one way of deceiving us to take us to a lonely room or place. So, be careful and attentive!

This was a list of mysterious events occurring if you are a victim of demonic haunting. These signs are common and many of us are aware of them, but fail to understand.

Reality Check!
Answer these questions and know if you are also one among those who are being haunted:Demonic Haunting – The Horrifying Signs!

  • Do you feel cold wisps of air or chilling puffs against your skin?
  • Do you listen to strange sounds like whispers, moans, laughter, or crying?
  • Does your cat or dog tend to obsess or avoid a particular place in your home?
  • Do you have a feeling that you are not alone in your home?
  • Have you experienced sighting of shadows that of usual shape?
  • Do you have a feeling of somebody watching you?
  • Have you experienced items appearing or disappearing?

If you find yourself nodding a ‘yes’ to these questions, then wake up coz you might be haunted. All you can do is keep notes with dates and times of such mystical events. Remember one thing that demonic entities cannot be destroyed. So, you can take the help from paranormal investigators or the religious head to cast out the demons.

The most important thing is YOU have the POWER, the only power the spirit has over you is the power you give it. So, never panic or show fear when dealing with evil spirits.Opinions remain divided on whether demons actually exist! They are sometimes merely a trick of the mind or are the actual haunting. Whatever, I would like to cite a quote by the famous producer, Barney Sarecky, who said that, “All houses are haunted. All persons are haunted. Throngs of spirits follow us everywhere. We are never alone.”

5 responses to Demonic Haunting – The Horrifying Signs!

  1. my friend is hearing laughing and growling. She also hearing scratching and she found scratches on the door. What should she do?

    • If you believe in demons, then you should be able to believe in God. That is the first step. The next step would be to accept Him into your heart and praise the name of Jesus.

      Once you have done so, you will find that your faith in the Lord will protect you. There is no manmade method of protection against the darkest dark, but faith.

    • Try to bless the house & burn some sage! But dood id be really careful if I was ur friend alot of times especially with Christian/ catholic blessing, it normally just pisses them off!
      Email me if you have more questions

  2. I believe in demons, but I hold no faith in their abilities. My faith is held in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    What many seem to not realize, when they are scared, is that there truly is NOTHING that is beyond the strength of one’s faith in Jesus. There is no darkness too dark for His light to pierce. There are no wounds that He cannot heal. There is no fear that His love cannot overpower. If you choose to stand alone against the evils of this world, whether normal or paranormal, you will fall.

    They exist, just as you and I, and they are liars. They may appear to be powerful, but in truth, they are powerless against our Savior.

    Praise Jesus, my friends! He is with us, and nothing will harm you in His love!

  3. I’m not making any conclusions just yet on this demon stuff but I have answered yes on those questions listed! Just last night I was sitting on the computer and I felt a burning painful feeling on my leg, I didn’t think anything oh it, it still hurt after awhile so I lifted up my pant leg and say 4 red scratches my 1st thought was WTF I don’t remember doing this! Not only that but the other day this light bulb turned on when i was in the room alone there where 2 light bulbs in there 1 that was working and 1 that hasnt worked in months and thats the one that turned on I was pretty freaked out by that! Last night when I was taking a bath I started to smell this weird smell like a musky flesh smell but I kinda shrugged that one off though!

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