Calisthenics – Come Out of The Gym

Are you an anti-gym person who hates working out in a closed environment breathing aerosol, and you can’t bear the sound of the clinking metal in your ears? Then, calesthenics is just for you! Using just your body, and a minimum apparatus, which is also optional, come out of the four walls, breathe fresh air and work your way to fitness.

What are Calisthenics?

Calisthenics are a form of aerobic exercise aim at increasing body strength and flexibility. In fact, the word “calisthenics” is derived from two Greek words which mean beauty and strength.

The beauty of this workout and aerobic exercise is that, one does not need to make use of any external weights but simple rhythmic movements like bending, twisting, swinging, jumping and kicking using. The only weight that one uses is his/her own that provides the resistance during the exercise.

This aerobic exercise form can prove to be beneficial in increasing the cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Also, they are known to improve psychomotor skills like coordination, agility and balance if vigorously performed.

Calisthenics are practiced by sports teams and military units as a part of increasing group-coordination and discipline. They are also a part of the physical education curriculum of many primary and secondary schools across the globe.

What Exercises are Part of Calisthenics?

As mentioned earlier, these exercises constitute of simple rhythmic moves.

Push Ups Pull Ups Lunge

Jumping Jacks. Jumping jacks act like a warm up before beginning the exercising routine. Not only do they warm up the muscles but, also increase one’s stamina and help stretch the muscles. Recommended for kids!

Lunges. Lunges help increase the strength of the lower body muscles, especially the muscles in the leg. They help tone the leg muscles by burning the fat in them.

Pull-ups. Pull-ups are for toning and strengthening the upper back muscles and the forearms. Especially, for men!

Sit-ups. These are for the abdominal muscles.

Push-ups. The triceps, shoulders and the chest muscles are benefited because of this exercise.

Squats. Squats are for strengthening the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and the gluteal muscles.

Dips. Triceps, chest and deltoids benefit by doing dips.

Calf Raises. Calf raises strengthen the soleus and the gastrocnemius muscles.

All the above exercises can be performed in natural light and fresh air. So, while enjoying the nature you will be toning and strengthening yourselves to good shape. Try coming out of the gym and lay off the electronic equipment and switch to the more natural Calisthenics and bring about a refreshing change to your workout routine.

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