Golden Staph Infection

Golden staph infection is nothing but MRSA infection. This is the most common infection which afflicts several parts of the body. It mostly affects skin. These bacteria are in large round shapes and golden yellow colored colonies. If seen through microscope, it appears like grape clusters. Read through the below lines to know more about golden staph infection.

Causes of Golden Staph Infection:
Several bacteria reside on human skin. Most of these bacteria are harmless. Even the golden staph is harmless until it finds a wound, open cut or lesion on body. However, as it finds an entry point in body, it spreads and causes infection. Often, golden staph is observed in the hospital environment.

Symptoms of Golden Staph Infection:
Golden staph infection infects the skin in the nose, blood or urine. Often, it afflicts the skin area. Hence, you can observe small red bumps on the skin. These are noticed on arms or legs. In some cases, one can also observe red bumps inside the eyelid. Many bumps or red small bumps may be a sign of golden staph infection. The infected person may also suffer from fever and boils filled with pus. These appear in areas such as inside the nose and underarms. Joint pains, drop in blood pressure and fatigue can also develop if infection spreads to other parts of the body. Lung infection or blood poisoning can also occur in severe cases.

Treatment for Golden Staph Infection:
A simple physical exam can be done for diagnosing the condition. Sometimes, the health care provider can ask for wound swab test. A topical antibiotic is prescribed by the doctor for MRSA infection. In minor cases, an ointment is prescribed by the doctor. In severe cases or if the infection is not alleviating, oral antibiotics can be prescribed by the medical practitioner. You must continue to use the medications even if symptoms subside. It is so because it is must to kill bacteria completely, hence condition will not be contagious. The health care provider may prescribe medicated honey for inhibiting bacteria growth if infection does not get better with ointments and medications. In severe cases, surgical drainage is performed to remove large boils.

Measures to Prevent Staph Infection:
Always wash your hands before eating or drinking to avoid golden staph infection. Since it is a contagious condition, if you come in contact with an infected person and hence, you may get it. If you have golden staph infection and if you scratch an open wound, the infection may enter body and spread infection. Never touch the wound before washing the hands. Do not share t-shirts, napkins, towels, etc with the infected person.

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