Aries in Fourth House

They say, home is where the heart lies. The fourth house of the natal chart is all about home. This article deals with the effect of Aries in fourth house on your characteristics when it comes to home or your roots. Each planet and sun sign has its own effects on a person when they are located in a particular house. Similarly, Aries has its own effects on the affairs of that particular house. Let us see what effects the presence of Aries in fourth house has on a person.


The fourth house

The fourth house revolves completely around your roots. In essence, it deals with your home and family. When we say home and family, there are many things which come into play. It deals with the people around you, the way you were brought up, the influence of early family life and a sense of your roots which go back in time. This is the house where we develop a sense of a belonging to a particular home or family .

Early nurturing

starts from the time you were in your mother’s womb. The fourth house deals with how you perceived early nurturing, from the moment you were conceived till your birth and your nurturing as a child.

Since nurturing is associated with motherhood, the house brings in the concept of motherhood in its realm. However, if your caretaker was your father, it also brings out that mothering experience. Later in life, it guides the particular way you seek retreat. This is where you find comfort. It is a shell you create to protect yourself from harmful external elements, if we can put it that way. As we always say, home is where the heart lies . This house also deals with our reactions to certain things beyond our control such as our local community, cultural heritage, and family of origin and so on.

Aries on house cusp

There are twelve houses present in your birth chart. Each of these houses deal with different areas of your life. When a particular sun sign or planet occupies this particular house during your birth, it exerts its own influence on your personality when it comes to affairs of that particular house. Hence, a particular alignment of sun signs in your birth chart help in depicting your personality when it comes to each of these areas of your life. This naturally differentiates you from another person who has a different alignment of planets/sun signs in his/her birth chart, though you may share the same sun sign.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. Aries denotes a forging ahead, self-starter and enthusiastic attitude. People with Aries on a house cusp have a requirement to develop and grow in the affairs of that house. There will always be a new beginning. There is always a constant necessity to discover oneself in this area.

Aries and fourth house

If Aries occupies the fourth house during your birth, you tend to be independent of your family and other cultural background. You want to create something of your own, probably your own identity free from your background. You tend to be very aggressive when it comes to mattes of family and home, which could possibly lead to emotional spats and battles. This will usually be related to the ideas of how things should be handled around the house. One may find your home to be filled with mechanical tools and devices.

An aggressive attitude on the other hand may also depict an active interest in the matters of home. There may however be a tendency to demand too much and force ideas upon others in the family. A part of this may be attributed possibly to an ambitious mother who inspired you to bring out the best in yourself. In the later part of your life, you may be very active. As you grow older, there may be a growth of a youthful energy in you. As much you are mature in youth, as you grow, your child-like attitude may also grow. Nonetheless, your daring, outgoing and assertive personality too tends to grow as you mature.

In summary, people with Aries in fourth house tend to be aggressive in the matters of home and family. They try to create an identity independent of their background. They are often rebellious and aggressive which may bring out tensions in the family. This is one thing these people must watch out for. In the later part of life, these people tend to increase their activity.

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