Pain When Sneezing

There are some pain conditions that will be aggravated when one sneezes and so it is important for one to know what they are lest they think that the pain is actually from the sneezing itself. This brings us to today’s topic “Pain when sneezing” and what it may represent.

We will deal with the commonest kinds of pain when sneezing that can occur:

Pain in the arm
This pain in the arm may occur immediately after or during the sneeze and maybe sharp, dull or even just plain numbness in the arm and tingling in the fingers. It may last for a few minutes and spread from the elbow down to the finger tips and chest area, but it may also disappear almost as fast as it came.

Doctors believe that the pain is due to a pinched nerve in the arm, the sudden movement of the neck as you sneeze, and an injured vertebrae or spine. Also, pressure to the herniated disc that affects the nerves leading to the arm that occurs during sneezing is known to cause the pain. Increased tension from straining of upper body muscles during sneezing will cause pain in the arms and shoulders. An attempt to stop or block the sneeze will also lead to further pain.

Possible treatments include chiropractic treatments, physical therapy and pain management medications. Make sure to have the cause of the pain diagnosed by a competent physician such that you do not waste time treating the wrong ailment.

Pain in the abdomen
Gall bladder stones, appendicitis, pancreatitis, and diverticulitis are all known to cause pain in the abdomen area. The pain is intensified as one sneezes because the muscles in that area tense up to facilitate the sneeze and consequently affect the nerves, causing the pain to radiate through the abdomen.

Pain in the back
Patients suffering from back and spinal problems that cause pain will feel the pain more acutely when they sneeze. Injuries to the back and spine are more prominent when one sneezes and weakness of the bones in this area is manifested by the sneezing. The pain can be felt as extreme pressure and tightness in various regions of the back and may radiate down from the neck. Warmth therapy such as massage with hot oils, warm bath, or sauna will make the effect of the sneeze less.

Pregnancy pain
The condition is known as round ligament pain and can be greatly aggravated by a sneeze. It is usually at the lower part of the abdomen with some women reporting it to extend to the pubic area. Though the pain itself can be mind numbing, it is a normal part of pregnancy and should not be a cause for worry to the mother, especially if she has already had other children before. For first time mothers, if the pain is not accompanied by anything else then you need not go see a doctor.The pain should last only a few minutes and pass, if it is longer then one should consider having a physical to ensure that nothing is wrong with them or the baby. Stretching exercises that work the ligaments are known to make them stronger and more flexible and will ease their reaction to the contraction and relaxation as they take on the work of muscles.

From what we have seen, pain when sneezing is not usually indicative of any serious complication or ailment, but it is always best to see a doctor if it is sudden, or exceeds the usual. Treating the underlying ailment will get rid of the pain when sneezing but it is otherwise something you can live with unless you sneeze all the time. Always remember to consult a doctor before treating any ailment on your own, self medication is not a good option.

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