Common STD Symptoms

Sexually transmitted diseases are also called sexually transmitted infections. These are passed from one person to another during the sexual intercourse. There are numerous kinds of STDs which may be detected by identifying several sign. Some of these diseases can be easily cured while some need more time for eradication. Sometimes, it is very uncomfortable and annoying to bear sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, it also afflicts the overall health and sexual life. If a mother gets infected by STDs, the disease may be transmitted to fetus. It may become complicated. Hence, people are advised to get it treated as early as possible. There are different types of STDs but there are some common STD symptoms.

Common STD Symptoms:
AIDS, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Genital herpes are some common STDs in women and men. Following are some common symptoms of STD:

Urinal discharge: It is a common symptom in men. Most people complain about discharge during urination. This discharge is basically passed during urination but sometimes it is passed randomly. It looks like pus, but can vary in color and density in individual cases. This discharge may be green, white, yellow and gray color. It can be a thin or thick liquid. Mostly, the discharge has foul smell.

Painful urination: This is the primary symptom of STD. Most men complain about burning sensation during urination. Men don’t experience pain in penis, but only while urinating. This pain may be associated with tingling and prickly sensation. Also, most women experience burning sensation during urination, which is accompanied with itching and pain.

Swelling: This is another common and important STD symptom. Most people experience swelling of genital organs. In men, the swelling can appear on testicle, penis or both while in women swelling can appear on vaginal area such as vulva. Most of the times, along with swelling one may also experience pain and itching. This is an embarrassing situation as one scratches for pacifying the itchy feeling. It can be an early sign of Chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhea.

Genital warts: These are characterized by red, raised, rough patches on genital skin. These may appear on genital organs or genital area. Sometimes, warts are associated with pain and itching. Body aches and vaginal bleeding are common STD signs in women. Most people suffer from blisters or sores on genitals.

Anal infections: People suffering STDs can also suffer from the anal infection. They experience uncomfortable and painful bowel movements and experience ticklish sensation in buttocks. The infection may spread to rectum which leads to bleeding, cranky and itching rectums. Lowered immunity is another common symptom of STD.

Sexual dysfunction: Most people with sexually transmitted diseases experience sexual dysfunction because STDs afflict sexual health. Several men experience erection problems which lead to incapability to acquire orgasm. Also, women also suffer from decrease in libido and natural vaginal lubricant while sexual intercourse. Most people suffer from pain during sex. This leads to unsatisfied and painful sexual experiences.

These were a few common STD symptoms in both women and men. Consult the health care provider immediately as you observe any one of these symptoms. Always use condoms and do not have sex with multiple partners.

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