15 Tips to Live Green

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As the years are passing by, the Earth – our home planet, is becoming hotter and hotter. It will not be very long before we see the Arctic and Antarctic zones melt completely. To avoid this from happening, we must live green.

It is the responsibility of all of us to take action. Mere conferences will not be of help if the denizens of the Earth do not show prompt action. Now, without wasting more of your time, we list out some easy ways that will help the Earth stay cool. Read and follow them.

15 Ways to Go Green to Save Green

To live green, you can follow the below mentioned things that are easy to do on a daily basis.

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1. Be active

Every 4-mile trip taken in a car can release upto 15 pounds of air pollution in the atmosphere. This is a huge cost than the cost associated with taking a ride in the bus. So it is better to spend some cash in travelling in public transport than adding to the already existing air pollution. You can also try walking to your usual destinations or riding there on your bike, depending upon the distance.

2. Say no to bottled water

Though water is an elixir of life and is needed by all the living beings, it can be toxic for our Earth if it is supplied in plastic bottles. These plastic containers create an extraordinarily huge amount of waste that cannot be decomposed easily by the planet. Plastic takes thousands, or even more, number of years to decompose. Not just that, the amount of oil spent each year on producing bottled water reaches more than 17 million gallons. This amount of oil is enough to fuel 1 million cars for a complete year. This shows how bad bottles are for the nature. You can do something about this by refusing to buy bottled drinking water. As an alternative, you can install a filter on your tap at home to get filtered water daily. You can buy a reusable jug that can be used for a long time.

3. Naturalize your clean

The store-bought cleaning agents contain harsh and toxic chemicals that are neither good for you nor the planet. Therefore, you can use the alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. These natural cleaning supplies can be just as good as store-bought cleansers.

4. Get e-friendly

Using papers for every transaction can end the lives of 18 million trees every year. You can stop this from happening by paying bills etc through the online mode which is being offered by most companies these days. This will end the accumulation of a lot of paper waste.

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5. Make a light bulb switcheroo

You can imagine how it would save the planet if we take a million cars off the roads. Though you cannot do that as of now, you can try a similar alternative by switching to fluorescent bulbs, to get equal benefits. This will dramatically reduce the energy consumption.

6. Get energy efficient

The household appliance that has the label ‘Energy Star’ is an energy efficient appliance. It dramatically reduces the amount of energy that is consumed by your family. So whenever you buy a kitchen or other household appliances, make sure to get the energy efficient ones.

7. Make use of cloth over paper

Instead of using paper towels and napkins, choose to use cloth instead. It is gentler on the natural environment and on your grocery budget too.

8. Turn off the lights

It is indeed hard to believe, but lighting uses 5 to 10 percent of total energy. You can save energy by turning off the fans, bulbs and lights whenever you leave your room.

9. Plant a tree

Trees absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and help in keeping the air and soil clean. This planet has provided us with trees that have made life on Earth easy for us. So it is our duty to give something back to the planet by planting trees in your backyard.

10. Make your beauty routine eco-friendly

The eco-friendly beauty products not only help in protecting the Earth, they are good for your body too.

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11. Eat local stuff

Organically grown food items may be healthy, but they damage the environment by leaving a carbon foot print when such foodstuffs are transported long distances. According to studies, a regional diet uses 17 times less amount of fossil fuels than a diet that includes shipping of foods across the country. You can try shopping at the local farmer’s market to get fresh and in-season foods. You can even plant a garden in the backyard of your house to get fresh supplies daily.

12. Conserve water

If you know that each minute that you spend under the shower, wastes 5 gallons of water, then you will not repeat this act again. To dramatically reduce the consumption of water, you simply need to turn off the faucet when you get busy in brushing your teeth. This will shorten your daily water usage.

13. Recharge

Each battery contributes to the hazardous waste already present. You can reduce this by switching to rechargeable batteries instead of buying lots of conventional batteries.

14. Ditch the disposables

Disposable packaging is convenient and makes life easier and simpler in the short run. However, in the long run, it creates a huge amount of hazardous waste, which is toxic for the Earth. You can buy reusable bags and packaging to carry your groceries, lunch and other daily items.

15. Be creative

Each thing that seems to be a waste may have some other use if thought carefully. Use your creative mind to think of ways to use the trash items. You can create gift items out of some old cards and give it to a friend etc. You can turn kids’ artwork and old maps into wrapping papers. Old T-shirts can be used as cleaning rags. Egg cartons and cereal boxes can be used as arts and crafts supplies. You can make use of empty spaghetti jars to fill rice or other grains. There are endless possibilities if you think.

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Last but not the least
Follow the concept of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, to live green.

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