Self Strangulation – The Pain of Suicide

Suicide is driven or motivated by psychological pain, but it takes a brand of tortured pain for self strangulation to occur. Not only is the method crude and painful, it leaves disturbing and painful images on those left behind whether or not they knew the victim personally. Most suicide victims are in a large amount of pain, but because of the nature of society no one notices anything. Some people may realize that something is not right but they rarely pay more than passing attention and only understand the depth of what they saw when the victim is discovered.

In self strangulation, since the victim is rarely aware of what method of hanging they are using, many things can occur that make it more painful than it would be other wise. Judicial hanging, where the prisoner is hanged and dies due to strangulation, is carefully calculated to ensure minimum pain for the person being hanged. In most cases, the prisoner looses consciousness within a few seconds and death follows shortly after. But when one stages their own hanging, there are no assistants to ensure that everything goes as planned and the person can remain aware for up to 20 minutes before they pass out, all this while they are struggling against the pain, and it is more like drowning.

Suicide by self hanging is a common despite the fact that one may fail while trying or may suffer more intense pain just before they die, than the pain that led them there in the first place. What makes it popular is that unlike poison and firearms, materials required to carry it out are more readily available. All one needs is some piece of anything remotely resembling a rope and leverage. However, there are reports that claim it is very difficult to carry out this form of suicide by oneself without assistance.

The Pain
The pain resulting from self strangulation or any other kind of suicide is not really felt much by the victim as they are now dead but rather the ones that are left behind. Unless of course the victim survives, then their pain is likely to double as they now have to add failure to their list of disappointments. The good thing is that many who survive the first attempt usually seek help and are better after a period of time.

The family and friends of the suicide victim are left behind feeling guilty for not having seen this, or done anything to stop it and some will go ahead themselves for what happened. It is difficult to deal with the loss, and in some societies, the family of the victim also has to endure slander from the rest of the community and the shame plus rejection and shunning. The Catholic faith considers suicide a cardinal sin and the person is not entitled to a proper Catholic burial. If those left behind are staunch Catholic, then the pain of knowing that their own will spend eternity in hell can be quite unbearable, especially for the parents of the victim.

Dealing with the pain
It is especially important that those left behind process their pain effectively or they run a risk of ending up like the victim. If the victim survives the attempt, psychological help should be sought immediately to ensure that this is not repeated. While one can feel that the pain they are enduring is unbearable and they need to get rid of it, knowing that others have been through this and have come out stronger and closer together as a family. Avoid focusing on what went wrong and try to remember that person in the good light that they were. Be comfortable in the knowledge that if you had had a chance to help them you would have and not realizing that something was terribly wrong does not make you a bad person.

Life is full of ups and downs and there is nothing that is permanent. All things change and what you feel now will pale in comparison to something else. For those who are contemplating suicide, try talking to someone about your pain, because the people who care about you go through a great deal of pain if you decide to end your life. And if you should still decide to go ahead and end your life, please stay away from self strangulation as it is painful and leaves a bad taste for who ever eventually finds you.

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  1. If you don’t have any friends or loved ones then I don’t see a problem; especially after let’s say decades of intolerable suffering and isolation.

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