Communication in the Electronic Age

The early 1970s saw the making of the first calculators that held the microchip that now is the basis of all modern electronic gadgets used in communication. It is here that the electronic age starts truly and little known to us then was that only 30 short years later we would hold communication devices stronger and faster than a personal computer.

While the absence of your blackberry or your iphone may get you into a managerial fit, it may come as a surprise that people before us just a few years back such as your grandparents had no access to such high-tech gadgets. You did your work and stored it on physical files and if you wanted to talk to a partner on another continent you sent a letter and waited up to a week for a response, no help of video conferencing that can be done via your phone.

And now the race is on to be connected to the rest of the world as almost every business in going global. It has become essential to have an email, some of which are paid for while others are free, but all it is geared towards is that you are reachable 24/7. From social networking sites on the Internet to gtalk to keep employees in touch at work, people are now using gadgets to communicate and face to face interaction has reduced.

From the ipod, smart phone, LED smart television set, computers, to the notebook tablet, we are surrounded by all these electronics that undoubtedly make our lives easier by giving us faster and easier access to information. But they are reducing the amount of human contact with fellow human beings. Most people below the age of 50 spend majority of their time with some kind of electronic device and little time is spent with other human beings. Some experts have blamed this for the destruction of the family unit and that most people in urban areas are in fact very lonely having very little communication with other human beings.

It should be noted however that, even with the reduction in face to face contact, communication between individuals has been made easier and faster. You can now keep in touch with professionals in your field through linkedin, friends around the world through facebook and myspace, and then the rest of the world that even has no idea who you are through twitter. It has been made easier to meet and maintain friendships over space and now if you move to one corner of the earth, all you need is Internet, download the skype application, and make a video call to your people back home.

The advantages are there and so are the disadvantage, but personally do you feel that the electronic age has made life better of do you find that what we have to sacrifice in the process is too much?

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