Capricorn in Third House

Capricorn is all about attaining structure and social recognition. So how does the presence of Capricorn in third house affect one’s communication? The third house deals with communication and everything to do with it. When different sun signs occupy this particular house, they give their own flavors to the way you relate to others and communicate with others. Let us see in detail how the presence of Capricorn in third house affects a person’s communication.


The third house

The third house revolves around communication and short trips. Communication is a key aspect of a person’s life and as such, the third house governs everything related to communication , the way a person expresses his/her thoughts and ideas through speech or writing or even the way a person relate to a person. These people may be anyone from strangers, acquaintances, friends and relatives to their parents, siblings and children. Since early education has a significant impact in shaping up a person’s belief systems and how he/she relates to people, the third house governs this aspect as well. Apart from these aspects, sometimes certain short trips tend to enhance a person’s knowledge and the way they communicate with people. Hence, this thing too falls under the realm of the third house.

Since the mind is the source of all thoughts, at a deeper level, the third house deals with the mind itself. When we talk about studies or behavior, there are thought patterns and many other things related to mind which come into play. These things include a person’s intelligence, mental dexterity and agility, awareness and so on. Since these things also contribute to a person’s fortunes, the third house deals with a person’s fortunes through communication.

Capricorn on house cusp

A person’s characteristics will be incomplete without looking at his/her birth chart. There are twelve different houses in the birth chart (also called natal chart) and each of these houses deals with twelve different areas of a person’s life. At different points of time, different zodiacal planets and sun signs occupy these houses, imparting their unique flavor to a person’s overall personality. Even, two people born on the same day of the year at different points of times can vary slightly in their characteristics depending on which planet or sun sign occupies their house. At this point, it is wise to know that the sun sign just gives you your dominant characters and traits, but not your overall character. Your character can vary from a person born under the same sign.

Similarly, when Capricorn occupies a particular house, you will see certain strong traits exerted by this sun sign. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and signifies structure as well as social acknowledgement. If you have Capricorn in one of your houses, you will crave for social recognition in that particular area. However, you need to understand that it is wise to earn merit than chasing social recognition, as respect comes through merit. You may be restless and a feeling of frustration in this area.

Capricorn and third house

If you have Capricorn in your house of communication, you are very pragmatic as that is a strong trait of Capricorn. You know when to speak and when to zip your lips. You are careful in expressing your thoughts and this may give you a feeling that you are a superior communicator. You will write or speak if there is a specific reason for that. Since you choose your words carefully, you may be considered very secretive (which is rivaled by only Scorpio in the zodiac). Since you also look for creating maximum impact, sometimes your expression may appear harsh and stinging (again rivaled only by Scorpio).

In your early life, some of you may either not have been very keen about studying or may have been restricted in your ability get an education. However, later in life this tends to change and you may even turn to studies to reach your ambitions and gain a social respect.

In summary, people with Capricorn in third house are very pragmatic in putting forth their ideas and thoughts. They are careful about when to speak and what to speak. They can however be sometimes exacting and harsh in the way they put forth their ideas. They are advised to refrain from considering themselves a superior communicator above others.

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