Dry Lips Causes

Dry lips can be very unattractive and painful. Most people ignore them. They take it for granted that they will heal themselves but it is not the case all the time. This condition can further lead to severe problems such as injuring lips tissues and tearing and bleeding. If left untreated, dry lips may also turn black. This can give a depressing look to your face. There are numerous dry lips causes that prevail throughout the world.

Most of us are aware that weather changes can cause dry lips. But often it accounts to lifestyle and diet that one takes up which results in these minor problems that further cause drastic health problems. Following are the major dry lips causes that curable.

Dry Lips Causes:
If people say they are suffering from chapped lips due to cold weather, it is because of dehydration in those cells that later cause breaking and peeling of skin. Dry lips can be caused due to some health conditions, diet changes and some products. If these conditions persist for a prolonged period of time, one may experience dry lips. Following are some causes of dry lips.

Diet: Certain foods can cause dry lips. Although they are believed to be healthy for the body, they may not be healthy for lips and hence cause dehydration. Fruits such as citrus, figs and their juices can give rise to toxic reaction with sunlight and can trigger allergies on lips. Similarly, cobalt present in vitamin A and Vitamin B12 also has similar impact on buccal cavity and lips. Flavoring agents such as red dye in gum, mouth washes, candies and tooth pastes as well can cause dry skin. These may be some causes of chronic causes of dry lips and result in bleeding of cracked lips resulting in infections and other skin irritations.

Daily products: We might be unaware of many such commercial products which can trigger dry lips. The chemicals in the products are big threats in those cases. Cosmetics such as lipsticks containing propyl gallate act like serious hindrance to natural oils in lips. Women who use lipsticks for the entire day must be careful while applying them or choosing them. Similarly, lip moisturizers and balms that are used for reducing chapped lips can aggravate the condition. It is because of the petroleum bases used in making them.

Life styles: Drugs and smoking not only afflict internally but can also cause dehydration in lips. They destroy natural oils that prevent dehydration in lips and cause chapping. Frequent usage of acne creams and medicines can also cause dry lips, resulting in bleeding and infection. Fungal lip infections caused due to unhygienic conditions can be very prominent dry lips cause. Hence, your habits and lifestyle may contribute to dry lips causes to some extent.

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