Shunning Water can Raise Blood Sugar Levels

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A new research study suggests that not drinking enough water can raise blood sugar levels. High blood sugar level is considered as indicating the condition of pre-diabetes, which puts the person at risk of contracting diabetes later on. In the study, adults who consumed half a liter or less water each day were found to develop high blood sugar levels, compared to people who consumed more water. But, the study does not prove conclusively that drinking lots of water reduces the risk of blood sugar issues.

Vasopressin is the Key
The researchers say though a correlation has been found between water consumption and blood sugar, cause-and-effect has not been proved conclusively. But, the relationship is plausible considering biology. This missing link may be an antidiuretic hormone named vasopressin, which regulates water retention in the body. In dehydrated people, there is a rise in vasopressin levels, helping the kidney conserve water. The downside is high vasopressin levels can raise blood sugar. Research has found that injecting vasopressin raises blood sugar temporarily.

The Study
The study analyzed more than 3,600 French adults aged between 30 to 65, who had normal levels of blood sugar at the beginning. Around 19% said they consumed less than half liter of water every day, and the rest said they drank more than a liter. Over nine years, 565 participants developed high blood sugar, while 202 contracted type 2 diabetes.

Drinking More Water is Good
The researchers found that volunteers who drank more than a liter of water every day were 28% less likely to suffer high blood sugar compared to those who consumed less. The latter category of people (who drink less water) may be compensating by drinking sugary beverages which can cause weight gain and higher blood sugar levels. People who drink more water may tend to have more responsible and healthier lifestyles which could account for their lower blood sugar levels.

Avoid Sugary Drinks
The researchers say more studies are required to detect the link between water consumption and diabetes. They opine people should replace high-calorie, sugary drinks with plain water to stay healthy. In western nations, there is high consumption of sugar which leads to obesity. So, replacing sugary drinks with more of pure water can only lead to better health, the researchers conclude.

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  1. How about drinking tea; is that good or bad?

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