Intestinal Infection Symptoms

An intestinal infection is caused by intestinal parasites, mold, fungus, yeast, virus, bacteria or due to poor personal hygiene. These can create great havoc in gastrointestinal tract of human beings. These organisms are collectively known as pathogens. These infect the urinary tracts and intestines more compared to other body parts. Also, intestinal bacterial infection may be life-threatening. It is based on the kind of bacteria that caused intestinal infection. If the infection is caused by yeast, then it is noticed only after yeast converts to fungi. Several factors convert yeast to fungi. One of them is intestinal infection antibiotics. If a person along with poor dietary habits takes antibiotics, it develops an environment for converting yeast to fungi. This article gives brief information on intestinal infection symptoms.

Symptoms of Intestinal Infection:
Following are some intestinal infection symptoms:

Abdominal cramps: Often, abdominal cramps are caused by bacteria. These can become severe and may last for 3 – 4 minutes.

Diarrhea: The pathogens in intestinal tract often cause diarrhea. This condition can cause dehydration. Hence do not overlook this symptom.

Nausea: This is an important intestinal infection symptom. One may experience aversion to his most loved food also. If food aversion and nausea persist for a long period, consult the health care provider immediately.

Abdominal pain: This is one of the symptoms of intestinal infection. If you suffer from abdominal pain persistently for a longer period, then you must seek immediate medical attention.

Loss of appetite: Several factors can trigger loss of appetite. This is one of the symptoms of intestinal infections. Consult the medical practitioner to know the underlying cause of this condition.

Constipation: If parasites cause intestinal infection, then they can trigger constipation. Some worms are large enough for blocking intestinal system. Severe infection in intestine may cause difficulty in bowel movement.

Sleep disorders: Only a few people are aware that intestinal infection can trigger sleep disorders. The infection can cause irritation and one may find it difficult to sleep. If a person is sleeping, body tries to remove toxic substances from liver, but parasites make this a difficult task.

Irritable bowel syndrome: The parasites attach themselves to wall of intestine and dig into the lining. This causes irritable bowel syndrome.

Teeth grinding: This is caused by the waste which is released by toxins and pathogens present in body. This happens only during night and is called gnashing or bruxism of teeth.

Impaired immune system: The pathogens in body remove all the nutrients and hence, impair immune system, leading to anemia.

Headaches: This is a sign of intestinal yeast infection. If you are suffering from frequent headaches, consult the doctor immediately.

Depression: Intestinal yeast infection can also cause depression.

Sinus: Most of the people are not aware that intestinal infection can cause sinusitis. Sinus may be caused by the presence of the intestinal pathogens.

Skin rashes: Intestinal infection can cause skin rashes along with itching and burning sensation.

These are a few intestinal infection symptoms. If any of these symptoms persist for a prolonged period, consult the health care provider immediately.

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