GPS Shoes to Help Alzheimer’s Patients in the US

Happy seniors

A new innovation has come to the aid of Alzheimer’s patients in the US. These are shoes with GPS devices which can help to track down seniors suffering from dementia, if they get lost during their walks. Footwear company Aetrex Worldwide will market this product. Each pair will cost $300. Health experts say these shoes can save lives and prevent elders from getting into costly and embarrassing incidents.

Alzheimer’s is Increasing
These GPS shoes will be most helpful for those suffering from the early stage of Alzheimer’s as they face the greatest risk. They might wander off and get lost during their daily walk. Greater than five million Americans have Alzheimer’s and this number is estimated to increase four-fold in the future. About 60% of patients tend to wander and get lost and they might die from injury, exposure or dehydration if they are not found within a day.

Growing Market for GPS Shoes
Seniors mostly reject other GPS devices like pendants or bracelets because of paranoia, which is a symptom of Alzheimer’s. The GPS shoes allow carers or family members to build a “geofence” which triggers an alert when the patient strays beyond the given area. The makers reveal there is a growing market for these shoes, as Alzheimer’s costs and prevalence continue to escalate. They opine these shoes will ease the emotional and physical burden of Alzheimer’s patients and their family members and caregivers.

Long Walks are Good
Originally, these shoes were meant for long-distance runners and children. But, health experts advised the makers that seniors also need GPS shoes as they wish to remain active, but avoid the possibility of getting lost. Health experts say seniors should go for regular long walks as it is good for their health.

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