Extra Calcium does not Help Teens to Lose Weight

Milk has calcium

Some earlier studies have suggested that calcium can help people to lose weight. But, a new study hints that calcium is not effective in helping teenagers to shed pounds. The researchers say calcium was not able to take out fat or prevent its absorption. This study was published recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The Study
The research trial split greater than 40 overweight teens into two groups. One group was given 1,300 milligrams of calcium every day and the other just 650 milligrams. The calcium was provided in calcium supplements or in foods such as frozen chocolate desserts with minerals, fats and milk proteins. After the period of the study, the researchers did not find any difference in the weight and body fat between the groups, indicating calcium was not effective in promoting weight loss.

Calcium is Effective for Adults
Critics say the study has weaknesses such as short duration and the small number of teens monitored. They say recent reviews have comprehensively shown that calcium significantly affects body fat and weight. But, these results were obtained in adults and not teenagers. This may be because teenagers use dietary calcium for growth and their energy needs differ from adults.

Ideal Dairy Choices
Health experts recommend intake of three dairy cups every day for children and teens. Dairy choices include frozen yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese and fat-free or low-fat yogurt or milk. The CDC recently found that about 70% of teens and children drink milk, but 20% do not consume low-fat milk.

How to Lose Weight
To maintain or lose weight, one should ensure they do not consume more calories than they burn. So, either they should reduce calories or indulge in more physical activity to lose weight.

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