Parents Browse Internet for Medical Information before Going to Hospital

A new research study reveals that about 12% of US parents browse internet to get medical information before taking their child to a hospital. Parents are also willing to check out sites recommended by doctors. The researchers opine this means pediatricians should prepare themselves and be informed on this subject to guide interested parents.

Parents Browse Internet for Medical Information:

Internet Use is Popular

The research was conducted by Dr. Purvi Shroff of the University of Louisville in Kentucky and her team. They interviewed 240 guardians and parents with access to the Internet who took their child to the hospital. 12% said they surfed the Web recently to get information about their child’s condition. 50% revealed they had surfed the Internet in the past three months to find answers to their child’s trouble.

Popular Websites

The most popular websites were Wikipedia and WebMD. Some parents also checked out the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Most of the parents said they would browse websites suggested by their kid’s doctor.

Re-check Info with Doctors

Dr. Shroff said while it is good that parents want to increase their medical knowledge to help their child, they should be careful to access good websites and decide whether the information found is applicable and suitable for their child. Parents should also confirm with pediatricians whether the information they found on websites is accurate and useful for their child.

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