How to be More Spiritual at Your Workplace

Yoga in the office

In the modern day rat race, our professional life has become a cut-throat competition for perks, promotions, bonuses and other goodies offered by corporate life. In this scenario, is it possible to be spiritual at the workplace and improve our human qualities, rather than do our jobs robotically and selfishly eyeing only material gains? This writer says it is possible and even essential to be spiritual at the workplace as we can accrue many benefits by doing so. Read on to learn how to be more spiritual in your office.

Identify Your Core Values
It is important to do this to learn what gives you the most satisfaction and joy. These values should come naturally to you. When you face sticky times in your professional life, remember these values and uphold them. Your values could include personal goals, security, independence, integrity, friendships etc.

Practice Work Wisdom
Try to put yourself in the shoes of your colleagues, peers and superiors. Do not waste your time gossiping about others and do not encourage this habit in your co-workers. Be transparent in your professional interactions. Minimize conflicts at the earliest by having a frank chat with the concerned person. Be open and tolerant about others’ opinions even if you disagree with them. Conflicts arise mostly because of our own intolerance and rigidity. Understand this and try to get along peacefully as much as possible.

Be Compassionate
What should you do when a colleague or team member is going through a bad patch and under-performs or misses deadlines. Your initial response may be frustration, anger and harsh words. But, be a better man, take a deep breath and try to understand what the person is going through. Practice empathy and put yourself in their shoes. We all go through difficult phases, therefore empathize with others and stand by them through their dark times. Compassion also helps us deal with difficult colleagues. Maintain a stoic attitude, be forgiving and do the right thing when you are being harassed or bullied by a jerk. Soon, your understanding and unconditional love will calm their hostility.

Try to Grow and Improve Constantly
We need not be the same person we were 10 or 20 years ago. This would only make us a living fossil. Tame your ego by introspecting about yourself. To improve yourself as a person and as a professional you should learn to distinguish criticism from constructive feedback. When your co-workers give you relevant inputs, do not let your ego ignore them and carry on as usual. Be open to developments and opinions that can enhance your personal and professional growth.

Love What You Do
Not all of us are lucky enough to be doing what we love the most. In fact, it may be downright impossible to chalk out a fulfilling career in the field of your passion given the state of the economy, competition for scarce jobs, the need to earn enough, etc. Therefore, learn to love your job and give your best every day. You need not excel in only those fields that you love. Try to be passionate about learning and give your best in whatever you do.

Enjoy the Rat Race
You don’t have to run the corporate rat race and chase promotions, higher salaries and the corner office just because everybody else is doing so. We need to understand that the happiness derived from materialistic gains like bonuses and promotions does not last long as our monkey mind will soon start hankering for the next carrot and goodies. So, don’t mindlessly run the rat race without introspection or wisdom. Give your best to your work and do not yearn for the fruits of your efforts. In other words, run the rat race for the sheer joy of running.

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