Cold Sweat Causes

Most of us are familiar with the term cold sweats and might have experienced at some point of life. Coldness, extreme perspiration and nervousness are the symptoms of cold sweats. Often, it is experienced in feet and hands. Most of the times, they are experienced during nights, however sometimes in day time also. This can be accompanied with other signs and symptoms based on the underlying cause. Many factors result in this condition. Let us know in detail about cold sweat causes.

Cold Sweat Causes:
You may not be aware of the causes of cold sweat, but there are several causes which one must have a look. Following are the causes of cold sweat:

Fear: This is the most common and prominent cold sweat causes. Cold sweat is the first sign of fear. Fear is caused by many factors. However, fear triggered by nightmares is a major cause of night sweats in adults and children. Thus, it is said that cold sweats when you are sleeping is caused because of nightmares.

Heart Attack: This is another most fatal cause of cold sweats. This condition is caused by blood vessels blockage. Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, etc are the risk factors of this condition. Left arm pain, cold sweats, excess perspiration, pain in chest, etc are the early symptoms of heart attack.

Anxiety: This is a condition of long-lasting or permanent nervousness triggered by panic attacks, fear or other mental condition. Nearly 50% of world’s population is suffering from anxiety. In the present day life, relationships, job stress, finances, lifestyle, etc make one to suffer from anxiety. Nervousness, cold sweats, etc are the prominent symptoms of anxiety.

Low blood pressure: 120/80 Hg is the normal blood pressure for humans. If it drops to 90/60 Hg or lower, one may suffer from low blood pressure. Dehydration, malnutrition, blood loss, infections, pregnancy, etc are the major low blood pressure causes. Depression, cold sweats, clammy and cold skin, dizziness, etc are the signs of this condition.

Low blood sugar levels: Hypoglycemia is another cold sweat cause. This develops when the glucose or sugar levels in body drop to a low level. If a person doesn’t eat for prolonged periods, the sugar levels drop leading to low blood sugar levels. Besides, excess insulin secretion can also result in hypoglycemia. Cold sweats, confusion, trembling, dizziness and blurred vision are the signs of this condition.

Shock: This condition arises when the cells in our body don’t receive sufficient amounts of oxygen. In serious cases, shock can result in complete failure of the organ. Malfunctioning of heart, blood vessels and lungs, breathing at high altitude, etc can cause shock. Cold sweats, weakness, fainting, dizziness, rapid breathing, etc are the symptoms of it.

Migraines: These are a series of recurring and severe headaches which are generally observed on one side of head only. The exact cause of this is idiopathic. However, several factors lead to migraine headaches such as strong odor, loud noise, stress, diet, etc. Cold sweats, sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, dizziness, severe headache are the symptoms of this condition.

Other causes: Circulatory disorders, viral infections, heart diseases, immune disorders, influenza, menopause, hot flashes, hormone imbalances, drug reactions or abuse, etc are some cold sweat causes. Confusion, weakness, dizziness and chills are the common symptoms of cold sweats.

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