Unconditional Love – The Truest

Several adjectives can be associated with ‘LOVE’ – divine, pure, magical, true, sweet, bitter; the list can be endless based on who is defining love. But many of us always forget adding the most important adjective of all while defining love – ‘UNCONDITIONAL’. If only we understood the meaning of unconditional love, I guess there would be no more teen violence in the name of love, no breaking-up and no divorces.

Unconditional love has now become a myth that can be found only in fables and coveted literature works. But our need for unconditional love is as equally important as our basic needs, which are air, food, water and shelter.

Conditional Love – Something That We are Used To

Conditional love is something that is finite. There is always a conscious or unconscious decision making process involved while loving conditionally.The concept of unconditional love is slowly vanishing from our materialistic society, and our experiences from childhood serve us the most in adapting to loving conditionally.

A scientific study in fact found that the areas that were activated in the brain when someone was loved conditionally are different to the ones to the ones activated when unconditional love is involved.

Let us take a particular instance to demonstrate the concept of conditional love – a wife arguing with her husband that he did not buy her the necklace she wanted. She argues with him, then stops talking to him, gets agitated, and finally unable to bear the wife’s wrath, the husband gets her the necklace she wants. The moment she gets it, you see a drastic change in her demeanor and she becomes all mushy once again with the husband.

One observation that we can make from many such instances is that love has become materialistic. You need to give something in order to gain that love you are after. But unfortunately, buying love is impossible, and even if you have managed to buy it, it won’t last long.

True love is unconditional and it expects nothing in return and asks for no favors.

Unconditional Love – The Real Love

When we speak about true love, it does not necessarily have to involve a boy and a girl. The love a mother has for her child, the love that exists for your best friend and what soldiers have for each other when fighting a war are a few instances of true love. Nobody needs to tell a mother that she has to love her child, she just has that for the child no matter what.

True/real/unconditional love only wants the happiness of the person you love, and nothing in return. In that way, unconditional love does not even have to be mutual. Unconditional love is only possible when you love someone for what they are (mother’s love for a child!)

When you love someone truly, you know you want nothing from them in return, be it the love itself! But then again, when your love is real and true, it has the capacity to bind, the power to heal and the strength to forge relationships that even the human mind conceives impossible.

Does Unconditional Love Exist?

As long as the world exists, there will exist love. And as long as love exists, unconditional love also exists. Now, it comes down to us, if we want to love someone unconditionally or just pretend to love for the material benefits we may gain in return. The pleasure that one gains from loving unconditionally has been scientifically proven as well.

What goes around comes around? And one of the purest emotions in this world, love, is sure to come around. And, if it is ‘true love’?

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