Lung Infection Symptoms

There are several causes which can develop infections in lungs. These lung infections can cause great discomfort and can even afflict your daily life. If left untreated, the condition may worsen. These lung infections develop due to lung problems such as lung cancer. There are several lung infection symptoms, among them back pain is the most common symptom.

Lung Infection Symptoms:
Following are the symptoms of lung infection:

Symptoms of Bacterial Lung Infection:
Lung inflammation is the most common symptom of lung infection. In the infection area, the local cells may release histamine that develops inflammation. This may further trigger mucus production, increase in blood flow and swelling as well. Skin irritation is another bacterial lung infection symptom.

MRSA Lung Infection Symptoms:
MRSA lung infection develops rarely. This is a staph infection. The skin of a person suffering from this appears to be red, dry, swollen, irritated and itchy. In some cases, people may suffer from skin infections wherein pimple like bumps appear on skin. These bumps are filled with pus. It is a contagious infection and may spread through direct skin contact. Apart from above discussed symptoms, one may also suffer from cough, fever and chills. Fatigue, body pains and shortness of breath may also be the symptoms of this lung infection. In serious cases, one may also suffer from the urinary tract infection.

Viral Lung Infection Symptoms:
Some of the viral lung infection symptoms are not very severe. Mild fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough and sometimes, ear infection are the symptoms of viral lung infection. In severe cases, one may also observe other symptoms like wheezing, difficulty in breathing and dehydration. In serious cases, the lips and nails may become blue.

Candida Lung Infection Symptoms:
This lung infection may develop pneumonia like and flu like symptoms in infected person. Fatigue, cold and cough are the candida lung infection symptoms. In some cases, while coughing mucus may also be discharged. Shortness of breath is another common symptom of this infection. Some may experience muscle pain also because of this lung infection. Besides these, runny nose and headache are other most common symptoms.

Pseudomonas Lung Infection Symptoms:
Those who are ill are more susceptible to pseudomonas lung infection. This infection may trigger inflammation in tissues that are present in brain. Is serious cases, it can cause facial paralysis too. In some cases, it afflicts external part of the ear and causes various ear infections. Mostly, ear infections afflict older people and sometimes, it may hamper their hearing sense. Another symptom of this infection is urinary tract infection. Sometimes, it can develop skin rashes. Also, it can cause irritation, headache and weight loss.

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