7 Inventions That Changed the World

Imagine telling someone fifty years ago that you could sit at your home, sipping a coffee and sending your partner in Europe a letter, without going to the post office. This may not have been considered heresy, but you would definitely be laughed at. But certain inventions change the world as we look at it. This article gives you seven such inventions that changed the world forever.

There are countless innovations happening almost every day. In fact, post nineteenth century can typically be called the age of innovations. However, certain innovations permanently through ages changed the way humans communicate with each other. Following are the top 7 inventions that changed the world in a completely different way.

7 inventions that permanently changed the world

  1. Telephone: Gone are those days where people used pigeons, hawks, horse-riders and what not to send their personal messages to their loved ones from one part of the world to the other. All these were replaced by one simple instrument – the telephone. Though the credit for the invention of telephone can lead to endless debate, Alexander Graham Bell is however given the credit of inventing the telephone. Interestingly, the initial acceptance of telephone by the public was not easy. Many companies at that time still preferred press releases. Graham Bell had to struggle hard to get a public acceptance of this wonderful instrument. Once it was accepted by the public, the rest became history.
  2. Electric Bulb

  3. Electric bulb: Imagine your life in the darkness of your room without any light for half an hour. It is difficult to imagine that, isn’t it? Thankfully, Edison’s invention changed it all. Of course, though Thomas Edison wasn’t the first person to invent the light bulb, the first successful filament light bulb was indeed created by him. It is said that he took about 2000 attempts to successfully create the light bulb. Whether the number is exaggerated or not, one thing he showed everyone- there is one thing which separates a winner from a loser: persistence. And Edison was clearly a true winner.
  4. Penicillin

  5. Penicillin: When we talk about things which create history, we can not only look at technology, but also other things, especially healthcare. And what better thing could have created a great breakthrough apart from the discovery of Penicillin, especially when it was at most required? This wonder antibacterial agent was discovered by accident in 1928, and its credit goes to Alexander Fleming. Fleming found out that there was a certain agent available in mold which could kill bacteria. This eventually led to the manufacturing of antibacterial drugs which are useful today for treating many diseases. Hence, though penicillin is not a true invention, it is still counted as something that altered the course of medical history.
  6. Electricity

  7. Electricity: Inventing an electric light bulb is one thing. But what about discovering its source – electricity? Without electricity, forget electric bulb, nothing would have run. Of course, ancient Greeks had already discovered the magic of static electricity. But, it was not until the modern times in the 18th and 19th centuries that electricity in modern sense was truly used. Though Benjamin Franklin is generally attributed the honor of discovery of electricity, it is not entirely true. He, however, did lay a firm foundation for the future scientists like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla (Tesla), George Simon Ohms (ohm) and Allessandro Volta (volt) to create few more breakthroughs regarding electricity. Hence, in one way, he definitely can be referred to as the father of modern electricity.
  8. Sony Walkman

  9. Sony Walkman: Kids born after the late 90’s and brought up on iPods and mp3 players will never know what a wonderful creation a Sony Walkman was. Till 1979, if you wanted to listen to music on the go, you would have to carry a bulky cassette player with you. This is when Sony came up with the personal stereo concept in the form of Sony Walkman. This provided the first way of listening to your own favorite music on the move without depending on anyone else’s choice. Its popularity immediately spread among others such as morning joggers, people who hit the gym and so on. Today, the wearable technology is again revolutionized, thanks to Apple iPods. But, Sony will always be the pioneer in making wearable technology popular.
  10. Social Networking

  11. Social networking: Do you have a Facebook or a Twitter account? Or are you on MySpace? What a stupid question, isn’t it? Even a person who hates Facebook and its inventor will definitely have an online account, just for the sake of either peer pressure or a social status. But what would happen, if in the first place, social networking did not exist at all? Social networking has completely changed the way we interact with people today. People today are so addicted to social networking that even without them calling you; you will know what things are happening in their lives either through their status messages or online chat rooms. Whether for good or bad, social networking has definitely changed the world as we know it.
  12. Nuclear Energy

  13. Nuclear energy: Every invention has two faces: the good and the ugly. This is evident from the creation of one of the most powerful sources of energy- the nuclear energy. The Italian scientist, Enrico Fermi, had long realized that the disintegration of uranium can be controlled to create a chain reaction and form one of the greatest sources of energy available to mankind. He, along with physicist Leo Szilard, achieved nuclear fission for the first time in 1942. No doubt, many countries are today powered by this nuclear energy. It has also found applications in medicine and surgery. But what happens when this source is used for the wrong reasons? The entire world witnessed one of the ugliest deeds human race could ever conceive; the dropping of the atomic bomb by America on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. However, after realizing the true power of atomic energy, developed countries all over Europe, Asia and America have come together to try and make sure that nuclear development doesn’t get misused in anyway.

So, here are the top 7 inventions that changed the world as we know it today. However, great inventions and breakthroughs never seize to be brought forth every now and then. Only time will tell, what new inventions will come forth, that will change the way we live on this planet.

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