Top 10 Uses of Cocoa

Uses of Cocoa

Cocoa is synonymous with chocolate for many of us. They remind us about the tasty dark chocolate bar. But did you know that there are many other uses of cocoa apart from chocolates? Yes, this is surprisingly true. You can find out how worthy these dark beans are by reading further.

The Primary Uses of Cocoa

1. As a deodorizer – Rubbing them on your hands is effective to get rid of the food preparation smells. You can even dry these beans on a cookie sheet and then place them in a bowl. Keep this bowl in a freezer or a refrigerator for later use.

2. As a plant food – Adding the leftovers of your morning cup of coffee will be appreciated by your plants as they thrive well in an acidic soil. The plants that prefer acidic soils are Azaleas, Rosebushes, Camellias, Rhododendrons and Evergreen. They can even be added to your compost bin to make it nutrient-rich.

3. As an insect repellent – Sprinkling ground beans on corners where ants are present is an easy way to get rid of them. You can even sprinkle them on the ant piles. This will move them away to other areas. The ground beans are also good to keep away slugs and snails.

4. As a dye – Steeping ground beans in hot water is a good way to prepare a brown dye that can be used for dyeing fabrics, paper, clothes and even Easter eggs.

5. As furniture scratch cover-up – Steeping ground beans in boiling water and then applying a little amount of this liquid to scratches on furniture will cover them up. This will make them less noticeable.

6. As a cleaning product – Rubbing the ground beans on objects that are grimy and greasy will clean them up. This is because the grounds are slightly abrasive and are effective as scouring agents. You can use it to clean stained utensils too.

7. As a kitty repellent – If your cat is using your garden as her powder room, then you can sprinkle the grounds by mixing them with orange peels, in the garden area, including on the plants, to keep her away.

8. As a flea dip – If your puppy has fleas that irritate him, then you can keep them away from him by adding some ground coffee in his shampoo and cleaning him with it. The coffee powder in his shampoo will touch his skin. This will drive away the fleas from his body. Not only that, his hair will feel soft too.

9. As a dust inhibitor – Tossing wet coffee powder over the fireplace, before you clean it, will keep the ash dust and ashes under control.

10. As a cellulite reducer – If you are concerned about the cellulite deposits on your thighs, then you can use coffee grounds to get rid of it. For this, you need to mix a quarter cup of warm coffee grounds with a tablespoon of olive oil. This mixture must be then applied over the problem areas, i.e., the cellulite-deposited areas. You must then wrap these areas with a shrink wrap before you leave it on for some minutes. After some time, you will have to remove the wrap and then brush the loose grounds away from the skin. Finally, you must take a warm water shower. This procedure must be repeated twice a week, to get best results.

Wrap Up
There are many more uses of cocoa beans apart from the ones listed above. So do not take these beans for granted. Explore them and use them for solving your little day-to-day problems. You can use your own brain to come out with many more ideas to use them. If you have got some creative ways to use coffee powder, then share them with us by giving your comments below.

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