Religion and Spirituality – What is the Difference?

Religion and Spirituality
Are religion and spirituality same? Not really! There are certain differences between religion and spirituality, which most people try to ignore. However, the fact is that there is a vast difference between them. So, now the question is – Am I religious or spiritual? This one question remains still unanswered. George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it.” The fact is that religion is a subset of spirituality. Most people believe in god or a supreme power that is working their lives. Some say that they belong to a particular religion, while others say that they are spiritual. The fact is that the concepts of religion and spirituality are intertwined. However, before knowing the differences, you must know what a religion and spirituality is? So, read onto explore some of the differences between religion and spirituality.

Religion and Spirituality – The Fundamental Difference!Religion and Spirituality
Religion is a social force, which is usually for a community of believers. It strives for the uniformity of action and thought among its members. At the same time, it also provides physical and spiritual support. On the other hand, spirituality is an individual phenomenon, where people relate to the essential essence of humanity or the spirit. One great difference is that religious people can be spiritual people, but on the other hand, spiritual people are not religious always. They work hard to achieve a heightened spirituality through some methods.

Where Religion Went Wrong?
Religion was something that was created by people who wanted spiritual evolution. This was meant for enlightening oneself and being united with the “Divine.” Religion is actually the divine attempt to find the path to spirituality. God made man and man made religion. This religion was followed by age-old rituals and chanting prayers. Every religion does ask the followers to pray at certain days or times of the week, eat or abstain from certain foods or activities. However, I feel that it is ridiculous to follow these age-old customs and traditions without feeling the divine power or the almighty. People follow same rituals or they pray fervently, but what if their actions and deeds are just the opposite. Does religion come to their rescue? No, it is absurd! If you are a religious person who performs all the traditional rituals or attend the Sunday mass regularly, but leading a life of selfishness, deceit, and hypocrisy, then it is utter waste to follow such a religion. Religion and Spirituality

Now, here comes spirituality, where the search is to connect to that divine power. So, in spirituality you need to look within your heart and then search for the inner comfort, peace, and love. These help you to become a better person and you receive the true benefits of the divine power i.e. his love and healing presence. Therefore, it’s just not religion that can help you live, if you live a life with spirituality then you would have immense love, joy, and peace in your life. Religion employs rituals and literature in its worship, whereas spirituality uses many other techniques like meditation and personalized prayers to connect to the supreme power.

Now that you have read the differences between religion and spirituality, ask yourself whether you are religious or spiritual? Some are spiritual and many are religious. However, the question is if you are also one among those who are leading a materialistic life on this Earth, then it is truly waste to follow a religion that has no moral values or ethics. We can achieve the true sense of religion only through love and peace. Above all, listen to your heart, think with your mind, and search for that supreme spiritual power. I am sure that you would find the answers for yourself. I would like to cite a quote by Edwin Arlington Robinson who said,“The world is a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell “God” with the wrong blocks.” So, get started for the real spiritual hunt of that divine power!

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